GMPP tracking based on model reference LPV control for a PV system with buck converter modelled on bond graph

René Galindo Orozco, Noé Villa Villaseñor
  • Asian Journal of Control, May 2019, Wiley
  • DOI: 10.1002/asjc.2132

Maximum power point tracking of a photovoltaic system through an alternative approach

What is it about?

Photovoltaic systems require operating in conditions that allow them to extract the maximum possible power from the sun. This work proposes an approach to make photovoltaic systems operate in these conditions.

Why is it important?

Because photovoltaic systems do not handle a high energy density, it is essential to extract as much as possible by some technique. This work proposes a solution in that direction.


Noé Villa-Villaseñor

The problem of the maximum power point tracking in photovoltaic systems is studied in this work, and a solution is proposed.

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