Curbing Congestion and Vehicular Emissions in China: A Call for Economic Measures

  • Curbing Congestion and Emissions in China
  • Xin Deng
  • Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies, February 2017, Wiley
  • DOI: 10.1002/app5.170

Economic Measures Needed For Congestion and Air Pollution in Chinese Cities

What is it about?

This paper raises concerns about the over-reliance of command and control measures in China in addressing congestion and emission issues due to fast expanding motor vehicle fleet, and argues economic measures are better solution for those issues.

Why is it important?

The current solution is costly and inefficient, and economic measures are more efficient, cost less, and have the potential to generate revenue for the government.


Dr Xin Deng
University of South Australia

Economic measures need to be implemented with careful design to ensure public support. For one thing, revenue raised through those measures needs to be invested back to improve road infrastructure and public transport.

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