Multigram Scale Enzymatic Synthesis of (R )-1-(4′-Hydroxyphenyl)ethanol Using Vanillyl Alcohol Oxidase

Tom A. Ewing, Jasmin Kühn, Silvia Segarra, Marta Tortajada, Ralf Zuhse, Willem J. H. van Berkel
  • Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, April 2018, Wiley
  • DOI: 10.1002/adsc.201800197

Multigram scale enzymatic synthesis of a chiral aromatic alcohol

What is it about?

Using an oxidative enzyme we produced a chiral building block that can be used for the synthesis of valuable pharmaceuticals

Why is it important?

The large scale enzymatic synthesis of chiral compounds is of importance for a green economy.


Professor Willem J.H. van Berkel
Wageningen University

A careful upscaling of enzymatic oxyfunctionalization reactions will increase our knowledge about the usefulness of redox enzymes for synthetic applications.

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