Gold- vs. Platinum-Catalyzed Polycyclizations byO-Acyl Migration. Solvent-Free Reactions

Xavier Moreau, Jean-Philippe Goddard, Matthieu Bernard, Gilles Lemière, Juan Manuel López-Romero, Emily Mainetti, Nicolas Marion, Virginie Mouriès, Serge Thorimbert, Louis Fensterbank, Max Malacria
  • Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, January 2008, Wiley
  • DOI: 10.1002/adsc.200700356

What is it about?

Polycyclic derivatives incorporating a cyclopropyl group have been efficiently synthesized from propargyl acetates using platinum(II), gold(I) and gold(III) catalysis. These reactions which are also viable for the preparation of medium-sized rings, proceed with a complete diastereocontrol and can also be run in neat conditions.

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