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  • European Journal of Personality, September 2017, Wiley
  • DOI: 10.1002/per.2128

Basic Definitions in Personality Psychology: Challenges for Conceptual Integrations

What is it about?

Personality psychology is fragmented across diverse lines of research each focussing on particular aspects of individuals and from particular perspectives. Attempts for integration into overarching theories are therefore important. This commentary shows that the conceptual ideas proposed in the Baumert et al. 2017 target article build on vague and often circular definitions of basic terms and concepts that hamper advancement and integration.

Why is it important?

My critique from philosophy-of-science perspectives pinpoints central problems and presents alternative concepts to help overcome them. A metatheoretical definition highlights the core ideas underlying common 'personality' concepts and opens new avenues for conceptual integration.


Dr Jana Uher
University of Greenwich

Conceptual integration is challenging because all researchers favour their particular concepts and theories. Researchers must therefore reflect on their basic assumptions because this opens up novel perspectives and helps reveal commonalities and differences.

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