Morphological properties of the last primaries, the tail feathers, and the alulae ofAccipiter nisus,Columba livia,Falco peregrinus, andFalco tinnunculus

  • The Feathers ofFalco peregrinus
  • Anke Schmitz, Benjamin Ponitz, Christoph Brücker, Helmut Schmitz, Jan Herweg, Horst Bleckmann
  • Journal of Morphology, August 2014, Wiley
  • DOI: 10.1002/jmor.20317

Feathers of Falco pergerinus

What is it about?

Investigation of different feathers of wings and tail to see whether they are adapted to diving

Why is it important?

Tail feathers are more stable in peregrine falcons (adaptation to diving and braking), while the fetahers of the wings are moore stable in Accipiter nisus and in Falco tinnunculus

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