Development of particle dispersion technique for hybrid size conductivity model

M. Zulkarnain, M. A. Fadzil, Husaini Abu Bakar, M. Mariatti, I. Azid
  • Asia-Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering, November 2015, Wiley
  • DOI: 10.1002/apj.1950

Electrically Conductive Adhesives (ECAs)

What is it about?

Electrical transport is characterized by micro-structure distribution. It given an idea how develop model that contribute to understanding on micro-structure and their electrical properties.

Why is it important?

we develop the algorithm that determine the electrical conductivity of electrically conductive adhesives (ECAs). This important for characterize the electrical properties of ECAs before apply on electronic device.


Dr Muhammad Zulkarnain (Author)
University of Syiah Kuala

Electrical transport characteristic is influenced by several parameters. The characteristics of micro-structure is paramount parameter in determining the electrical conductivity. In this paper, effect of particles size in the ECAs is investigated and the characteristics is carried out by develop model.

The following have contributed to this page: Dr Muhammad Zulkarnain and Prof Mariatti M. Mariatti Jaafar