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we have indicated that the combination of CZxS and Zn-HZSM-5 could effectively catalyze the alkylation of benzene and syngas to toluene and xylene. The formation of CZxS by the insertion of Zr into CeO2 could generate more oxygen vacancy that was beneficial to adsorb and activate the CO and its reaction with hydrogen to produce methanol, which acted as intermediate for alkylation with benzene on the acidic sites of Zn-HZSM-5 to generate toluene and xylene. Through varying the oxygen vacancy concentration by changing the content of Zr, the reaction rates of CO activation and alkylation could be well matched, and the CZxS with the Zr/Ce ratio of 4 performed the highest oxygen vacancy concentration, which was selected as the prime sample to couple with ZnHZSM-5 zeolite to form the bifunctional catalyst CZ4S/ZnZSM-5, exhibiting outstanding catalytic performance with the CO conversion of 33%, the benzene conversion of 30% and the total toluene and xylene selectivity of 92%.

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A CZxS with tunable oxygen vacancy is synthesized by inserting the Zr into CeO2. The reaction begin with the activation of CO on the oxygen vacancy of CZxS. CZxS/Zn-HZSM-5 contribute to the matching between CO activation and alkylation.


Aromatics, esptionally light aromatics toluene and xylene, are part of the essential raw materials in the perfumeries, polyester fibers, polymers, medicines, coatings, resins, dyestuffs, pesticides, and so forth. As the important bulk chemicals, toluene/xylene is mainly produced through petroleum-based processes, for example, the catalytic reforming of naphtha, steam cracking, and coal tar extraction. Therefore, a bifunctional catalyst CZxS/Zn-HZSM-5 with tunable oxygen vacancy was expanded for the alkylation of benzene and syngas by coupling metal oxide (CZxS) and zeolite (Zn-HZSM-5), and the dependence of oxygen vacancy concentration in CZxS on its catalytic performance was deeply studied.

Naseer Ahmad Safi
Tianjin University

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This page is a summary of: The dependence of high catalytic performance on the tunable oxygen vacancy in the CZ x S/Zn‐HZSM‐5 bifunctional catalyst for alkylation of benzene and syngas, Applied Organometallic Chemistry, May 2022, Wiley,
DOI: 10.1002/aoc.6744.
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