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Single Crystal Diamond Needles (SCDNs) enriched with point defects of a certain type form a specific group of diamond materials which preserve all the unique physical properties of a bulk diamond but can be applied for accurate bio-sensing on the sub-micron scale. In the present study, we show the application of SCDNs both for bioimaging based on the NV color center photoluminescence (PL) and accurate temperature sensing in the physiologically significant range (from 25C to 55C), based on the PL temperature dependence of SiV color centers. Zero phonon line (ZPL) position for NV and SiV color centers are spectrally separated, allowing cell imaging and all-optical thermometry independently in different spectral regions.

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Single crystal diamond needles (SCDNs) enriched with NV and SiV color centers are perfect candidates to breakthrough many obstacles arising in techniques traditionally applied for living cells visualization and simultaneous temperature control. Controlling the thermodynamics of intracellular processes is crucial for early detection of the dramatic changes which may switch the cell from its normal functioning to a pathological state. However, it is hardly to be studied due to complexity of applying existing, often invasive thermometric approaches. Approach based on SCDNs enriched with several types of color centers is non-invasive, highly effective and accurate, as it proposes very fast, all-optical remote monitoring of the cellular thermal dynamics and simultaneous cell imaging.


SCDNs highly enriched with SiV color centers are multifunctional materials for bioimaging and temperature control and can be successfully applied for dual imaging and temperature sensing on a single-cell level. Ease integration of the synthesized single crystal diamond micro-needles in lab-on-a-chip systems can expand their application to deep investigations of exothermic/endothermic biochemical reactions and processes inside the living systems (cells or tissues) with sub-microsecond temporal resolution. NIR position of ZPL of SiV color centers allows increasing the accuracy, since the PL measurements occur in the NIR tissue transparency window, where autofluorescence from cells is negligible.

Lena Golubewa
State research institute Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (Valstybinis mokslinių tyrimų institutas Fizinių ir technologijos mokslų centras (FTMC))

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This page is a summary of: All‐Optical Thermometry with NV and SiV Color Centers in Biocompatible Diamond Microneedles, Advanced Optical Materials, May 2022, Wiley, DOI: 10.1002/adom.202200631.
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