Hydrogen Economy

  • Stephen A. Wells, Asel Sartbaeva, Vladimir L. Kuznetsov, Peter P. Edwards
  • December 2011, Wiley
  • DOI: 10.1002/9781119951438.eibc0452

What is it about?

Our present path is not sustainable. We are becoming increasingly adept in our ability to find and extract fossil energy, but there is no debate that the supply of these fuels is finite. In this chapter, we discuss how a move to a hydrogen economy can help us get away from conventional carbon-based fuels.

Why is it important?

Our current way of life, by burning carbon-based fuels, is not sustainable in the long run. We harm our environment, other species, and our own health in the process. In this chapter, we discuss how a cleaner processes based on fuel cells powered by hydrogen may help us get away from our current technologies.


Dr Asel Sartbaeva
University of Bath

I personally would like to live to old age and enjoy my life with my children and grandchildren. I would also like to see them enjoying our planet and environment as I did when I was a child - with no harsh effects of climate change. We already feel the changes which climat worsening is bringing to our lives, and at this stage it is not about prevention, but about giving our children and grandchildren more time so that we all collectively can find better solutions.

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