Engaging City Stakeholders to Achieve Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Urban Freight Movements

Thomas Zunder, Paulus Aditjandra, Jarl Schoemaker, Konstantina Laparidou, Carlo Vaghi, Ines Österle
  • June 2016, Wiley
  • DOI: 10.1002/9781119307785.ch19

City logistics planning using logical framework approach

What is it about?

This paper describes and analysed the process of Design and Monitoring Framework (DMF) application in 3 city and regions in Europe: City of Como, Italy; City of Berlin, Germany and City of Newcastle upon-Tyne, UK. The three cities have been engaging with city stakeholders to address urban freight issues via a series of stakeholder workshops. Three DMF matrices have been completed which have demonstrated the different preferences of city stakeholders in engaging with clean urban freight solutions. Como is targeting vehicle access regime and an urban consolidation centre as their strategic outcome while Berlin is embracing political support, market conditioning and technology solutions as their strategies. In Newcastle a coherent strategy to deliver a sustainable University campus utilises a delivery and servicing plan, new procurement approaches and the potential use of an urban consolidation centre.

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