Designing Services that Sing and Dance

  • Marina Candi, Ahmad Beltagui
  • October 2015, Wiley
  • DOI: 10.1002/9781119154273.ch15

Designing services that create compelling customer experiences

What is it about?

How to successfully design a service that creates a compelling customer experience is an urgent question. What can be designed when there is no THING to design? Design is usually understood as the activity of giving form to manufactured products. So when it comes to intangible services, it may seem like there is not much that designers can apply their skills to. Nevertheless, as the importance of service industries has grown and jobs in manufacturing industries have declined, there is increased recognition that service design may in fact offer a means for the scope of the design profession to grow. Examples such as the Apple iPhone, Bang & Olufsen sound systems and the Volkswagen Beetle have imprinted the clear message that product design can make a huge difference. None of these examples represents the most advanced technological innovations, but each can command premium prices and persistent market recognition based on outstanding design. Similarly, design – unlikely as it may seem to sound – can be used to create competitive differentiation in services.

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