What is it about?

Children and adolescents are not active enough. Many are also not a healthy weight! The original research study was conducted in 2014, and after 24 months, the study found very good results (see below 'outputs'). The current trial is testing the program across a large geographic area to test the 'real-world' effectiveness of the program. This includes 24 schools from 2017-2020.

Why is it important?

This program is one of the only secondary school based programs to show beneficial effects on physical activity across the whole day. It also attenuated weight increase and was cost-effective. The current real-world trial is a scaled-up version (see 'outputs' below), and is now being tested for implementation and effectiveness.


Photo of Matthew Mclaughlin
Governments need to know where to invest precious dollars in the health system. Governments are quickly realising that the era of physical inactivity is crippling quality of life and the economy, and urgent preventative measures are needed to curb the tide of obesity and inactivity that contributes so much ill health to the world. The education system is a recommended route to increase physical activity, which in turn can reduce obesity, but what program works? Not many other school-based programs have been found effective, but we do need an evidence-based program to increase student physical activity. This is what Physical Activity for Everyone is all about.
Matthew Mclaughlin
University of Newcastle, Graduate Student, Health Sciences, Australia
Photo of Ben Elton
The Physical Activity for Everyone program is an exciting opportunity to improve physical activity levels ina large proportion of students across a wide variety of schools. All while evaluating the effectiveness and scalability of an evidence-based program to be adapted for schools across Australia. Targeting students a critical stage in their life, this program has the ability to foster and develop adolescents’ positive relationship with physical activity that can follow them through to later life. Leading to positive behaviour change, an increase in physical activity levels, and an increase in quality of life.
Ben Elton
Hunter New England Population Health Government Employee, Health Sciences, Australia
Photo of Alison Brown
Physical activity and nutrition are two major public health concerns in Western society and are leading contributors to overweight and obesity and their associated diseases. The PhysicalActivity for Everyone Program has the ability to improve physical activity in adolescence and foster a healthy relationship with physical activity throughout their future lives!
Alison Brown
University of Newcastle, Australia


Who is involved?

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