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  1. Achieving high-efficiency CsPbBr3 perovskite light emitting diode via GABr- didecyldimethyl ammonium bromide hybrid ligand passivation strategies
  2. Effective growth strategy of colloidal quantum dots with low defects and high brightness
  3. Ultralow-power consumption photonic synapse transistors based on organic array films fabricated using a particular prepatterned-guided crystallizing strategy
  4. Protein Panel of Serum-Derived Small Extracellular Vesicles for the Screening and Diagnosis of Epithelial Ovarian Cancer
  5. Solution processed thin-film transistors with bilayer channel consisting of ZnO nanoparticles and SnO2
  6. Maelstrom promotes tumor metastasis through regulation of FGFR4 and epithelial-mesenchymal transition in epithelial ovarian cancer
  7. Construction of Hierarchical SnO2@NC@MoS2/C Nanotubes for Ultrastable Lithium- and Sodium-Ion Batteries
  8. Performance Enhancement of Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Diodes via Surface Modification of the Emitting Layer
  9. Encapsulation of 2D MoS2 nanosheets into 1D carbon nanobelts as anodes with enhanced lithium/sodium storage properties
  10. Superstructure MOF as a framework to composite MoS2 with rGO for Li/Na-ion battery storage with high-performance and stability
  11. Ultra-low EQE roll-off and marvelous efficiency perovskite quantum-dots light-emitting-diodes achieved by ligand passivation
  12. Mixed-Halide Perovskite Film-Based Neuromorphic Phototransistors for Mimicking Experience-History-Dependent Sensory Adaptation
  13. The effect of various cations/anions for MgH2 hydrolysis reaction
  14. Porous sulfurized poly(acrylonitrile) nanofiber as a long-life and high-capacity cathode for lithium–sulfur batteries
  15. Weak Light-Stimulated Synaptic Hybrid Phototransistors Based on Islandlike Perovskite Films Prepared by Spin Coating
  16. Composites of SnSb Nanoparticles Embedded in Porous Carbon Nanofibers Wrapped with Reduced Graphene Oxide for Sodium Storage
  17. Electrospun carbon nanofibers with in-situ encapsulated Ni nanoparticles as catalyst for enhanced hydrogen storage of MgH2
  18. Easily controlled 2D GO film as electronic barrier layer to realize charge transport equilibrium of QLED with greatly enhanced EQE
  19. Efficient multi-shell CuInS2/ZnS/ZnS quantum-dots based light-emitting diodes: Time-controlled synthesis of quantum-dots and carrier balance effects of PEI
  20. Sandwich architecture of graphene/MoS 2 composite as anodes for enhanced reversible lithium and sodium storage
  21. Atomic scale understanding of aluminum intercalation into layered TiS2 and its electrochemical properties
  22. High performance phototransistors with organic/quantum dot composite materials channels
  23. Metal-enhanced fluorescence of interlaminar composite film with self-assembled quantum Dots/Au@SiO2 microarchitecture
  24. Template‐Free Synthesis of Hierarchical Composite Nanotubes with Superior Lithium and Sodium Storage Performance
  25. Compact and ultrathin multi-element oxide films grown by temperature-controlled deposition and their surface-potential based transistor theoretical simulation model
  26. Overexpression of SLC12A5 is associated with tumor progression and poor survival in ovarian carcinoma
  27. Highly flexible light emitting diodes based on a quantum dots-polymer composite emitting layer
  28. A review of stability-enhanced luminescent materials: fabrication and optoelectronic applications
  29. Ultrastable Quantum Dot Composite Films under Severe Environments
  30. Resistive switching memory based on organic/inorganic hybrid perovskite materials
  31. Encapsulation of Fe3O4 Nanoparticles into N, S co-Doped Graphene Sheets with Greatly Enhanced Electrochemical Performance
  32. Endorsement of the Consort Statement by Chinese Journals of Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Survey of Journal Editors and Review of Journals— Instructions for Authors
  33. A simple spraying process greatly enhanced field emission of novel T-ZnO-supported CNT emitters
  34. Facile Synthesis of Coaxial CNTs/MnOx-Carbon Hybrid Nanofibers and Their Greatly Enhanced Lithium Storage Performance
  35. Novel three-dimensional tin/carbon hybrid core/shell architecture with large amount of solid cross-linked micro/nanochannels for lithium ion battery application
  36. Novel MnOx@Carbon hybrid nanowires with core/shell architecture as highly reversible anode materials for lithium ion batteries
  37. Highly reversible lithium storage in uniform Li4Ti5O12/carbon hybrid nanowebs as anode material for lithium-ion batteries
  38. The in situ preparation of novel α-Fe2O3 nanorods/CNTs composites and their greatly enhanced field emission properties
  39. Highly uniform TiO2/SnO2/carbon hybrid nanofibers with greatly enhanced lithium storage performance
  40. Effect of nanostructured morphologies of SnO2on field emission properties
  41. The Field Emission Properties of Backlight Unit Based on Two Kinds of SnO2 Nanostructures
  42. Synthesis of uniform TiO2@carbon composite nanofibers as anode for lithium ion batteries with enhanced electrochemical performance
  43. Influence of morphologies on the field emission performance of oriented ZnO nano-arrays
  44. Thermal decomposition performance of Ca(BH4)2/LiNH2 mixtures
  45. TiO2(B)@anatase hybrid nanowires with highly reversible electrochemical performance
  46. Encapsulation of TiO2(B) nanowire cores into SnO2/carbon nanoparticle shells and their high performance in lithium storage
  47. TiO2(B)@carbon composite nanowires as anode for lithium ion batteries with enhanced reversible capacity and cyclic performance
  48. Ammonia borane nanofibers supported by poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) for dehydrogenation
  49. Dispersion of SnO2 nanocrystals on TiO2(B) nanowires as anode material for lithium ion battery applications
  50. Easy preparation of SnO2@carbon composite nanofibers with improved lithium ion storage properties
  51. Synthesis of uniform polycrystalline tin dioxide nanofibers and electrochemical application in lithium-ion batteries
  52. The effect of a Ti-V-based BCC alloy as a catalyst on the hydrogen storage properties of MgH2
  53. A Combined Hydrogen Storage System of Mg(BH4)2−LiNH2with Favorable Dehydrogenation
  54. Plum-branch-like carbon nanofibers decorated with SnO2 nanocrystals
  55. Synthesis of catalyzed magnesium hydride with low absorption/desorption temperature
  56. Ethanol gas sensor based on Al-doped ZnO nanomaterial with many gas diffusing channels
  57. Investigation and simulation on the dynamic shock response performance of packaged high-g MEMS accelerometer versus the impurity concentration of the piezoresistor
  58. Integrated SPM probes with NEMS technology
  59. Influence of Fe addition on hydrogen storage characteristics of Ti–V-based alloy
  60. Single-wafer-processed nano-positioning XY-stages with trench-sidewall micromachining technology
  61. Nano-mechanical electro-thermal probe array used for high-density storage based on NEMS technology
  62. Simulation and optimization on the squeeze-film damping of a novel high-g accelerometer
  63. A Single-Wafer-Processed XY-Stage Fabricated with Trench-sidewall Doping and Refilled-Trench Isolating Technology
  64. Micro cantilever probe array integrated with Piezoresistive sensor
  65. Micro cantilever probe array with integration of electro-thermal nano tip and piezoresistive sensor