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  1. "Studying Fractures in Asmari Oil Reservoirs Using Image Logs for Better Understanding"
  2. "Exploring Iran's Khalij Limestone: In-depth Analysis of Gadvan Formation"
  3. "Precision in Asmari Reservoir Structural Modeling"
  4. "Predicting Reservoir Permeability: Sif Fatima Oilfield Study"
  5. "Reservoir Characterization: Integrating Geological and Core Data"
  6. "Cracking the Reservoir Code: Log-Based Analysis"
  7. Assessing Borehole Images and Cores in Sarvak Reservoir's Fractured and Non-fractured Zones
  8. "Visualizing Reservoir Fractures: Using Image Logs and Petrel Software in Oil & Gas"
  9. "Predicting Fracture Dip with Artificial Neural Networks and Image Log Data"
  10. "Spotting Sealing Faults in Asmari Reservoir: FMI and RFT in Iranian Fractured Oil Fields"
  11. "Tar's Impact on Analyzing FMI Data in Asmari Fractured Reservoirs"
  12. "Deciphering Faults with Image Logs"
  13. "Assessing Well Conditions: Minimizing Drilling Risks with Image Logs"
  14. Understanding Rock Formations in Iran's Dezful Region with Oil-Based Mud Imaging
  15. Modeling Fractured Reservoirs: A Step-by-Step Approach
  16. Modeling Fractured Reservoirs: A Step-by-Step Approach
  17. "Improving Understanding of Carbonate and Clastic Reservoirs"