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  1. Fine-Grained Interaction Modeling with Multi-Relational Transformer for Knowledge Tracing
  2. Interpretable rule learning for dementia
  3. Learning from Substitutable and Complementary Relations for Graph-based Sequential Product Recommendation
  4. Neuro-Symbolic Interpretable Collaborative Filtering for Attribute-based Recommendation
  5. Learning Dual Dynamic Representations on Time-Sliced User-Item Interaction Graphs for Sequential Recommendation
  6. Joint Open Knowledge Base Canonicalization and Linking
  7. Model-based Clustering of Short Text Streams
  8. An Attention Factor Graph Model for Tweet Entity Linking
  9. A Text Clustering Algorithm Using an Online Clustering Scheme for Initialization
  10. Location and Time Aware Social Collaborative Retrieval for New Successive Point-of-Interest Recommendation
  11. A Collective Bayesian Poisson Factorization Model for Cold-start Local Event Recommendation
  12. Learning to annotate tweets with crowd wisdom
  13. LINDEN