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  1. An integrative framework for protein interaction network and methylation data to discover epigenetic modules
  2. An NMF-framework for Unifying Posterior Probabilistic Clustering and Probabilistic Latent Semantic Indexing
  3. Enhanced Community Structure Detection in Complex Networks with Partial Background Information
  4. Overlapping community detection in complex networks using symmetric binary matrix factorization
  5. Community structure detection in complex networks with partial background information
  6. Boolean Networks
  7. Graphical Gaussian Model
  8. Differential Evolution
  9. Stochastic Neural Network
  10. Recurrent Neural Network
  11. Relevance Networks
  12. Linear Additive Network Model
  13. Network Component Analysis
  14. Identification of Gene Regulatory Networks, Machine Learning
  15. Identification of Gene Regulatory Networks, Neural Networks
  16. Non-negative Tri-factor tensor decomposition with applications
  17. Divergence Functions of Non negative Matrix Factorization: A Comparison Study
  18. Community structure detection in social networks based on dictionary learning
  19. Binary matrix factorization for analyzing gene expression data
  20. Binary Matrix Factorization with Applications