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  1. Multipoint Observations of Nightside Plasmaspheric Hiss Generated by Substorm-Injected Electrons
  2. Generation of Lower L Shell Dayside Chorus by Energetic Electrons From the Plasma Sheet
  3. Magnetosonic Harmonic Falling and Rising Frequency Emissions Potentially Generated by Nonlinear Wave-Wave Interactions in the Van Allen Radiation Belts
  4. Rapid Enhancements of the Seed Populations in the Heart of the Earth's Outer Radiation Belt: A Multicase Study
  5. Prompt Disappearance and Emergence of Radiation Belt Magnetosonic Waves Induced by Solar Wind Dynamic Pressure Variations
  6. Large-Amplitude Extremely Low Frequency Hiss Waves in Plasmaspheric Plumes
  7. Shock-Induced Disappearance and Subsequent Recovery of Plasmaspheric Hiss: Coordinated Observations of RBSP, THEMIS, and POES Satellites
  8. The effects of magnetospheric processes on relativistic electron dynamics in the Earth's outer radiation belt
  9. Rapid Loss of Radiation Belt Relativistic Electrons by EMIC Waves
  10. Direct observation of generation and propagation of magnetosonic waves following substorm injection
  11. Van Allen Probes observations of whistler-mode chorus with long-lived oscillating tones
  12. A positive correlation between energetic electron butterfly distributions and magnetosonic waves in the radiation belt slot region
  13. Radiation belt seed population and its association with the relativistic electron dynamics: A statistical study
  14. Nonlinear fundamental and harmonic cyclotron resonant scattering of radiation belt ultrarelativistic electrons by oblique monochromatic EMIC waves
  15. Simultaneous disappearances of plasmaspheric hiss, exohiss, and chorus waves triggered by a sudden decrease in solar wind dynamic pressure
  16. Explaining occurrences of auroral kilometric radiation in Van Allen radiation belts
  17. Prompt enhancement of the Earth's outer radiation belt due to substorm electron injections
  18. Rapid flattening of butterfly pitch angle distributions of radiation belt electrons by whistler-mode chorus
  19. Nonstorm time dropout of radiation belt electron fluxes on 24 September 2013
  20. Nonlinear Landau resonant scattering of near equatorially mirroring radiation belt electrons by oblique EMIC waves
  21. Intense low-frequency chorus waves observed by Van Allen Probes: Fine structures and potential effect on radiation belt electrons
  22. Disappearance of plasmaspheric hiss following interplanetary shock
  23. Plasmatrough exohiss waves observed by Van Allen Probes: Evidence for leakage from plasmasphere and resonant scattering of radiation belt electrons
  24. Quantifying the relative contributions of substorm injections and chorus waves to the rapid outward extension of electron radiation belt
  25. Intense duskside lower band chorus waves observed by Van Allen Probes: Generation and potential acceleration effect on radiation belt electrons
  26. Nonstorm time dynamics of electron radiation belts observed by the Van Allen Probes