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  1. Surface-enhanced ZnS:Ag quantum dots scintillator
  2. The evolution of He+ irradiation-induced point defects and helium retention in nuclear graphite
  3. Direct observation of fast surface dynamics in sub-10-nm nanoglass particles
  4. Mechanically robust antireflective coatings
  5. Electrochemical Materials Design for Micro-Supercapacitors
  6. Glancing angle deposition of Fe triangular nanoprisms consisting of vertically-layered nanoplates
  7. Three-dimensional bulk electronic structure of the Kondo lattice CeIn3 revealed by photoemission
  8. Hybridized plasmon modes and near-field enhancement of metallic nanoparticle-dimer on a mirror
  9. Quantitative Analysis of Single and Mix Food Antiseptics Basing on SERS Spectra with PLSR Method
  10. Pinhole Effect on the Melting Behavior of Ag@Al2O3 SERS Substrates
  11. Tunable Lattice Coupling of Multipole Plasmon Modes and Near-Field Enhancement in Closely Spaced Gold Nanorod Arrays
  12. Universal Near-Field Interference Patterns of Fano Resonances in Two-Dimensional Plasmonic Crystals
  13. Pinhole-Containing, Subnanometer-Thick Al2O3Shell-Coated Ag Nanorods as Practical Substrates for Quantitative Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering
  14. Preparation of TiO2 nanorod arrays decorated with CdS nanoparticles exhibiting enhanced photoelectrochemical and photocatalytic properties in visible light
  15. Gradual plasmon evolution and huge infrared near-field enhancement of metallic bridged nanoparticle dimers
  16. Sensitivity and Reusability of SiO2 NRs@ Au NPs SERS Substrate in Trace Monochlorobiphenyl Detection
  17. Compositional Analysis of Ternary and Binary Chemical Mixtures by Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering at Trace Levels
  18. Ag Nanorods Coated with Ultrathin TiO2 Shells as Stable and Recyclable SERS Substrates
  19. Near-field mapping of three-dimensional surface charge poles for hybridized plasmon modes
  20. Silver Nanorods Wrapped with Ultrathin Al2O3 Layers Exhibiting Excellent SERS Sensitivity and Outstanding SERS Stability
  21. Reduced graphene oxide/carbon nanotube hybrid film as high performance negative electrode for supercapacitor
  22. Phase-dependent and defect-driven d0 ferromagnetism in undoped ZrO2 thin films
  23. Nanogap effects on near- and far-field plasmonic behaviors of metallic nanoparticle dimers
  24. Enhanced photoelectrochemical and photocatalytic performance of TiO2 nanorod arrays/CdS quantum dots by coating TiO2 through atomic layer deposition
  25. Tunable SERS-Tags-Hidden Gold Nanorattles for Theranosis of Cancer Cells with Single Laser Beam
  26. Enhanced photoelectrochemical properties of TiO2nanorod arrays decorated with CdS nanoparticles
  27. Molybdenum oxide film with stable pseudocapacitive property for aqueous micro-scale electrochemical capacitor
  28. The Ti@MoOx nanorod array as a three dimensional film electrode for micro-supercapacitors
  29. Fabrication of TiN nanostructure as a hydrogen peroxide sensor by oblique angle deposition
  30. Tuning the optical bandgap of TiO2-TiN composite films as photocatalyst in the visible light
  31. MoOxthin films deposited by magnetron sputtering as an anode for aqueous micro-supercapacitors
  32. Oxygen vacancy–induced ferromagnetism in un-doped ZnO thin films
  33. Growth of [010] oriented α-MoO3 nanorods by pulsed electron beam deposition
  34. The effect of underlayer thin films on the surface-enhanced Raman scattering response of Ag nanorod substrates
  35. Realignment of slanted Fe nanorods on silicon substrates by a strong magnetic field
  36. Selecting the growth sites of carbon nanotubes on silicon substrates by ion implantation
  37. Tuning the Field-Emission Properties of Tungsten Oxide Nanorods
  38. Characterization of Fe nanorods grown directly from submicron-sized iron grains by thermal evaporation
  39. Enhanced field emission properties of MoO2 nanorods with controllable shape and orientation
  40. Film growth of pillars of multi-walled carbon nanotubes
  41. Transforming a thin silica layer into nanowires
  42. Low-temperature synthesis of large-scale arrays of aligned tungsten oxide nanorods
  43. Large-scale growth of aligned tungsten oxide nanorods