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  1. Hypothermic oxygenate machine perfusion of the liver in the acute-on-chronic liver failure scenario
  2. Development of Clinical Criteria for Functional Assessment to Predict Primary Nonfunction of High-Risk Livers Using Normothermic Machine Perfusion
  3. The impact of transarterial chemoembolization induced complications on outcomes after liver transplantation: A propensity-matched study
  4. Lipid metabolism and functional assessment of discarded human livers with steatosis undergoing 24 hours of normothermic machine perfusion
  5. The effectiveness of a pharmacological intervention for defatting of primary human hepatocytes and its effect on other cell types of the liver: a precursor in-vitro study to the defatting of steatotic human livers using normothermic machine perfusion
  6. Pushing the Limits: Machine Preservation of the Liver as a Tool to Recondition High-Risk Grafts
  7. Results of Liver Transplantation for Hepatocellular Carcinoma in a Multicenter Latin American Cohort Study
  8. Mechanisms of autophagy activation in endothelial cell and their targeting during normothermic machine liver perfusion
  9. The Use of an Acellular Oxygen Carrier in a Human Liver Model of Normothermic Machine Perfusion
  10. Megaduodenum associated with gastric strongyloidiasis
  11. Abdome agudo por obstrução por ileobiliar
  12. Serological Profile of Pretransplantation Liver Patients