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  1. Talent Training Mechanism of Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutralization in New Liberal Arts: A Chinese Perspective
  2. Business model innovation of 3D-printing garment enterprises in digital transformation: business model innovation canvas approach
  3. A scientometric review of hotspots and emerging trends in sustainable business model
  4. Chinese virtual simulation golden course: A case report
  5. Hybrid Optimization of Green Supply Chain Network and Scheduling in Distributed 3D Printing Intelligent Factory
  6. Designing and simulating a “mass selective customization-centralized manufacturing” business model for clothing enterprises using 3D printing
  7. Business model of garment enterprises: a scientometric review
  8. Business model innovation canvas: a visual business model innovation model
  9. Hotspots and emerging trends of 3D printing
  10. Visualizing the Hotspots and Emerging Trends of Multimedia Big Data through Scientometrics
  11. Hotspots and Emerging Trends of Business Model Innovation
  12. Hotspots and emerging trends in additive manufacturing
  13. Development Environment and Countermeasures of 3D Printing Industry Base: A Chinese Case Study
  14. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform of Business Administration Major: A Chinese Case Study
  15. Development Type Selection of 3D Printing Base: Model Analysis and Empirical Study
  16. Partner Choice of Supply Chain Based on 3d Printing and Big Data
  17. Improved Approximate Dynamic Programming Algorithm for Logistics Transportation Scheduling Problem with Backhauls
  18. An Improved Profit Distribution Model for Iron and Steel Logistics Alliance
  19. Flexible Index System of Human Resources Considering the Organizational Flexibility Factor
  20. Partner Choice of Iron and Steel Logistics Alliance Based on Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process
  21. Research on green supply chain motivation of steel enterprises in China
  22. Research on the Teaching Reform of Supply Chain Management Course in Network Environment
  23. Research on Logistics Center Location in Home Appliances Going to the Countryside: Taking Liaoning Province as an Example
  24. Research on the Supply Chain Reconstruction Strategies under the Financial Crisis
  25. Research on the supply chain inventory strategies under the financial crisis