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  1. Flow characteristics of a low-head and high-discharge hydraulic turbine under various operating conditions
  2. Dynamic performance and wake flow characteristics of flow around a plate in a circular tube
  3. Investigation of cavitation shedding mechanisms including reentrant jet and shock wave by Eulerian–Lagrangian multiscale simulation
  4. Multiscale multiphase flow simulations using interface capturing and Lagrangian particle tracking
  5. Numerical study on flow and wear characteristics of dense fine particle solid–liquid two-phase flow in centrifugal pump
  6. Large eddy simulation of tip-leakage cavitating flow using a multiscale cavitation model and investigation on model parameters
  7. Numerical study on cavitation over flat hydrofoils with arc obstacles
  8. Investigation of flow separation in a centrifugal pump impeller based on improved delayed detached eddy simulation method
  9. Large eddy simulation of energy gradient field in a centrifugal pump impeller
  10. Theoretical Solutions for Dynamic Characteristics of Liquid Annular Seals with Herringbone Grooves on the Stator Based on Bulk-Flow Theory
  11. Theoretical solutions for dynamic characteristics of spiral-grooved liquid seals
  12. An improved turbulence model for separation flow in a centrifugal pump