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  1. Long-term community-based monitoring of tamaraw Bubalus mindorensis on Mindoro Island, Philippines
  2. Role of prolactin-like protein (PRL-L) in cold-induced increase of muscle mass in chicks
  3. In vivo Administration of β2-agonist Clenbuterol and Subsequent Increase in Skeletal Muscle Mass in Neonatal Chicks
  4. In vivo gene transfer into skeletal muscle of neonatal chicks by electroporation
  5. Increased expression of NOR-1 mRNA in the skeletal muscles of cold-exposed neonatal chicks
  6. In vitro production of porcine embryos: current status, future perspectives and alternative applications
  7. Constant transmission of mitochondrial DNA in intergeneric cloned embryos reconstructed from swamp buffalo fibroblasts and bovine ooplasm
  8. Identification of tamaraw (Bubalus mindorensis) from natural habitat-derived fecal samples by PCR-RFLP analysis of cytochrome b gene
  9. Incidence of Chromosomal Abnormalities in Early-Stage River Buffalo Embryos Derived from in Vitro Fertilization
  10. Eating and rumination behaviour in Brahman grade cattle and crossbred water buffalo fed on high roughage diet
  11. Present Status of Tamaraw (Bubalus mindorensis) in Mt. Aruyan, Mindoro, Philippines
  12. Evaluation of Developmental Competence of In Vitro-produced Porcine Embryos Based on the Timing, Pattern and Evenness of the First Cleavage and Onset of the Second Cleavage
  13. Introduction of Various Vietnamese Indigenous Pig Breeds and Their Conservation by Using Assisted Reproductive Techniques
  14. Possible roles of myostatin and PGC-1α in the increase of skeletal muscle and transformation of fiber type in cold-exposed chicks
  15. Increased Mass of Slow-Type Skeletal Muscles and Depressed Myostatin Gene Expression in Cold-Tolerant Chicks
  16. Comparison of carcass and meat characteristics of Brahman grade cattle (Bos indicus) and crossbred water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) fed on high roughage diet
  17. High-resolution GTG-banding of chromosomes in the swamp buffalo (Bubalus bubalis L.): Description of chromosome 1
  18. Comparison of fattening performance in Brahman grade cattle (Bos indicus) and crossbred water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) fed on high roughage diet
  19. Comparison of carcass and meat characteristics of Brahman grade cattle (Bos indicus) and crossbred water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)
  20. Alleviation of maternal hyperthermia-induced early embryonic death by administration of melatonin to mice
  21. Transformation of Skeletal Muscle from Fast- to Slow-Twitch during Acquisition of Cold Tolerance in the Chick
  22. Effects of Heat Stress on the Redox Status in the Oviduct and Early Embryonic Development in Mice
  23. Comparison of voluntary feed intake, rumen passage and degradation kinetics between crossbred Brahmam cattle (Bos indicus) and swamp buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) fed a fattening diet based on corn silage
  24. Comparison of feed intake, digestibility and fattening performance of Brahman grade cattle (Bos indicus) and crossbred water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)
  25. Developmental competence and glutathione content of maternally heat-stressed mouse oocytes and zygotes
  26. Viability of maternally heat-stressed mouse zygotes in vivo and in vitro
  27. Effects of Heat Stress on Follicular Development in PMSG-treated Immature Rats
  28. Assessment of DNA damage in individual hamster embryos by comet assay
  29. Nitroblut Tetrazolium Reduction of Neutrophils in Heat Stressed Goats Is Not Influenced by Selenium and Vitamin E Injection.
  30. Rectal-Skin Temperature Difference Regulated by Blood Volume in Swamp Buffaloes in Hot Conditions: Comparative Study of Thermo- Regulation in Buffaloes and Cattle
  31. ヤギにおける採食量に及ぼす第三脳室内Cholecystokinin投与の影響
  32. Electrophysiological Recording of Hypothalamic GnRH Pulse Generator Activity in Castrated Male Goats.
  33. Characterization of Chicken Kit Tyrosine Kinase Receptor in Cos Cell Transfectants and in Chicken Brain.
  34. Hypogonadism in Heat Stressed Goats: Poor Responsiveness of the Ovary to the Pulsatile LH Stimulation Induced by Hourly Injections of a Small Dose of GnRH.
  35. Cloning and expression of the chicken c-kit proto-oncogene
  36. In Vitro Fertilization of Follicular Oocytes from the Swamp Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) and Kedah-Kelantan Cattle (Bos indicus) in Malaysia.
  37. Effects of High Environmental Temperatures on Some Physicochemical Parameters of Blood and Heat Production in Swamp Buffaloes and Holstein Cattle
  38. Pulsatile secretion of luteinizing hormone and plasma levels of ovarian steroids during the estrous cycle in the shiba goat.
  39. Pulsatile secretion of luteinizing hormone during gestation and postpartum suckling period in shiba goats.
  40. Threshold of Body Temperature for the Initiation of Evaporative Thermoregulation in Swamp Buffaloes Abruptly Exposed to High Environmental Temperatures
  41. 高温環境下におけるシバヤギの発情発現とその特徴
  42. omparison of the Effects of Seasonal-Climatic Changes on Thermoregulatory Responses and Plasma Concentrations of Thyroid Hormones in Swamp Buffaloes and Cattle
  43. Characteristics of the estrous cycle of the swamp buffalo under temperate conditions
  44. Some observations of estrous cycle in swamp buffaloes.
  45. Studies on White-feathered and Dark-feathered Japanese Quail
  46. Studies On White-feathered and Dark-feathered Japanese Quail
  47. Relation of Thyroxine Secretion Rate to Serum Alkaline Phosphatase Activity in Growing Japanese Quail Maintained at Different Temperatures