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  1. An Efficient Resource Allocation Technique in a Fog Computing Environment
  2. Automata-Based Approach to Manage Self-Adaptive Component-Based Architectures
  3. An Efficient Authenticated Group Key Agreement Protocol for Dynamic UAV Fleets in Untrusted Environments
  4. A CSP-Based Approach for Managing the Dynamic Reconfiguration of Software Architecture
  5. Formal techniques for consistency checking of orchestrations of semantic Web services
  6. Dealing with value constraints in decision making using MCDM methods
  7. Formal Approach for Compatibility Checking of Orchestrations of Composite Semantic Web Services
  8. Formal specification and validation of refinement from WS-CDL to BPEL
  9. ISOCOV: a new MCDM method to handle value constraints in Web service selection
  10. ATL Based Refinement of WS-CDL Choreography into BPEL Processes
  11. An approach for the dynamic reconfiguration of software architecture
  12. Dealing with a non green behaviour in WSN
  13. DoS detection in WSNs: Energy-efficient methods for selecting monitoring nodes
  14. Towards an efficient and a more accurate web service selection using MCDM methods
  15. Formal Specification and Analysis of a Cross-Layer Overlay P2P Construction Protocol over MANETs
  16. An efficient approach for Web service selection
  17. Fair Election of Monitoring Nodes in WSNs
  18. Time Petri Nets for performance evaluation of composite web services architectures
  19. Formal modeling and analysis of greedy behaviors in IEEE 802.11 protocols
  20. Formal Modeling of Greedy Nodes in 802.15.4 WSN
  21. Fair Election of Monitoring Nodes in WSNs
  22. Formal modeling and verification of an enhanced variant of the IEEE 802.11 CSMA/CA protocol
  23. Formal modeling and checking of an enhanced variant of the IEEE 802.11 CSMA/CA protocol
  24. Reactive semantics for component based Petri nets
  25. A formal methodology for semantics and time consistency checking of UML dynamic diagrams.
  26. Behavioral Subtyping Relations for Timed Components
  27. A TPN Based Framework for the Specification of Real Time Embedded Systems
  28. A Formal Methodology for Semantics and Time Consistency Checking of UML Dynamic Diagrams
  29. A modular state exploration and compatibility checking of UML dynamic diagrams
  30. Behavioral Compatibility of Active Components
  31. Branching Time Semantics for UML 2.0 Sequence Diagrams
  32. A Formal Semantics of UML StateCharts by Means of Timed Petri Nets