About my research

I am from Taiwan, with a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I was previously a physicist in astroparticle physics. Later my research interest shifted to climate change, and I am now a dedicated climate researcher with a focus on temperature trends and their effects on forest, Arctic permafrost, land, and ocean. The tools I use most include satellite remote sensing data from MODIS as well as computer modeled data from ERA5 (for the past) and CMIP6 (for the future). I have published research results in journals including “Science of The Total Environment” and “Remote Sensing of Environment”, and I will keep contributing to cutting-edge studies about climate change, for land and ocean, past and future.

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  1. Article
    Global temperature difference between day and night studied with satellite data and computer models
    Prof. You-Ren Wang
  2. Article
    Global and regional land warming trends in the past decades revealed by satellite data
    Prof. You-Ren Wang
  3. Article
    Analyzing natural and human Influences on forest CO2 absorption
    Prof. You-Ren Wang