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  1. Human embryo transcriptome for pregnancy prediction
  2. First mitotic spindle formation is led by sperm centrosome-dependent MTOCs in humans
  3. Assessment of developmental potential of human single pronucleated zygotes derived from conventional in vitro fertilization
  4. Diagnosis of abnormal human fertilization status based on pronuclear origin and/or centrosome number
  5. Analysis of compaction initiation in human embryos by using time-lapse cinematography
  6. Possible mechanism of polyspermy block in human oocytes observed by time-lapse cinematography
  7. Enhanced apoptosis during early neuronal differentiation in mouse ES cells with autosomal imbalance
  8. Correction of a genetic defect in multipotent germline stem cells using a human artificial chromosome
  9. Dlx5, the mouse homologue of the human-imprinted DLX5 gene, is biallelically expressed in the mouse brain
  10. Human chromosome 21q22.2-qter carries a gene(s) responsible for downregulation of mlc2a and PEBP in Down syndrome model mice