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  1. Composite poly(ethylene carbonate) electrolytes with electrospun silica nanofibers
  2. Highly concentrated polycarbonate-based solid polymer electrolytes having extraordinary electrochemical stability
  3. Dielectric relaxation and ionic transport in poly(ethylene carbonate)-based electrolytes
  4. Ion-conductive and mechanical properties of polyether/silica thin fiber composite electrolytes
  5. Proton-conducting composite membranes based on polybenzimidazole and sulfonated mesoporous organosilicate
  6. A polycarbonate electrolyte showing very high Li-ion conductivity
  7. Ion-conductive properties of polyether-based composite electrolytes filled with mesoporous silica, alumina and titania
  8. Dielectric relaxations and conduction mechanisms in polyether–clay composite polymer electrolytes under high carbon dioxide pressure
  9. Nano-Ordered Sea-Island Phase Separation of Ion-Conductive Elastomer Blends Based on NBR and Polyether Electrolytes
  10. Anisotropic ionic conduction in composite polymer electrolytes filled with clays oriented by a strong magnetic field
  11. Ionic conduction in poly(ethylene carbonate)-based rubbery electrolytes including lithium salts
  12. Improvement in dispersion and ionic conductivity of polyether/freeze-dried clay composites using supercritical carbon dioxide as treatment medium
  13. Poly(ethylene-co-vinyl alcohol)/sulfonated mesoporous organosilicate composites as proton-conductive membranes
  14. Alternating copolymers of carbon dioxide with glycidyl ethers for novel ion-conductive polymer electrolytes
  15. Enhanced Cationic Conduction in a Polyether/Clay Composite Electrolyte Treated with Supercritical CO2