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  1. Specific detection of the cleavage activity of mycobacterial enzymes using a quantum dot based DNA nanosensor
  2. Synthesis of Fluorosurfactants for Emulsion-Based Biological Applications
  3. Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Focusing Method for Polyplex Synthesis
  4. Quantum dot based DNA nanosensors for amplification-free detection of human topoisomerase I
  5. Rapid formation of spheroids in double-emulsion droplets
  6. DNA-based nanosensors for next-generation clinical diagnostics via detection of enzyme activity
  7. Microfluidic Preparation of Polymer-Nucleic Acid Nanocomplexes Improves Nonviral Gene Transfer
  8. A programmable microenvironment for cellular studies via microfluidics-generated double emulsions
  9. Quantum dot-based nanosensors for diagnosis via enzyme activity measurement
  10. DNA-Based Sensor for Real-Time Measurement of the Enzymatic Activity of Human Topoisomerase I
  11. Single cell enzyme diagnosis on the chip
  12. Understanding nonviral nucleic acid delivery with quantum dot-FRET nanosensors
  13. Detection of Single Enzymatic Events in Rare or Single Cells Using Microfluidics
  14. Tuning Physical Properties of Nanocomplexes through Microfluidics-Assisted Confinement
  15. Unexpected properties of polymeric DNA-nanocomplexes synthesized in picoliter droplets
  16. Quantum dot-based theranostics
  17. Controlled Synthesis of DNA Nanocomplexes in a Microfluidic Device
  18. Combining QD-FRET and Microfluidics to Monitor DNA Nanocomplex Self-Assembly in Real-Time
  19. Spatially-resolved Analysis Of DNA Nanocomplex Self-assembly Enabled By Integrating Nanophotonics And Microfluidics
  20. Intercalating dye as an acceptor in quantum-dot-mediated FRET
  21. Quantification of Low Concentrations of DNA Using Single Molecule Detection and Velocity Measurement in a Microchannel
  22. Towards Single-Molecule Diagnostics Using Microfluidic Manipulation and Quantum Dot Nanosensors
  23. Evaluating the intracellular stability and unpacking of DNA nanocomplexes by quantum dots-FRET
  24. Multiplexed Detection of Anthrax Sequences with Quantum Dot Nanoprobes
  25. Multiplexed Detection of Anthrax Sequences with Quantum Dot Nanoprobes
  26. Single-Molecule Detection and Probe Strategies for Rapid and Ultrasensitive Genomic Detection
  27. Multiplexed Hybridization Detection with Multicolor Colocalization of Quantum Dot Nanoprobes
  28. Quantum dot–mediated biosensing assays for specific nucleic acid detection
  29. A robust and reliable stress-induced self-assembly mechanism for optical devices