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  1. Differences in Psychoactive Substance Abuse Between Youths Residing in and Outside Conflict Zones as a Function of Level of Religiosity and Political Commitment
  2. Substance use and parental trauma among second-generation adolescent immigrants
  3. The Relation Between a Sense of Meaning in Life and Suicide Potential Among Disadvantaged Adolescent Girls
  4. Connection between Suicidal Ideation, Life Meaning, and Leisure Time Activities
  5. Do Meaning in life, Ideological Commitment, and Level of Religiosity, Related Adolescent Substance Abuse and Attitude?
  6. Ego-Identity among Immigrant Dropout Youth
  7. Religiosity, Meaning in Life and Suicidal Tendency Among Jews
  8. Meaning in Life and Suicidal Tendency Among Immigrant (Ethiopian) Youth and Native-Born Israeli Youth
  9. Model for predicting learning perseverance among boarding school students in Israel