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  1. Spin caloritronics of blue phosphorene nanoribbons
  2. Giant spin thermoelectric effects in all-carbon nanojunctions
  3. Half-metallicity in aluminum-doped zigzag silicene nanoribbons
  4. Spin-dependent ballistic transport properties and electronic structures of pristine and edge-doped zigzag silicene nanoribbons: large magnetoresistance
  5. Perfect spin filtering and large spin thermoelectric effects in organic transition-metal molecular junctions
  6. Giant magnetoresistance and spin Seebeck coefficient in zigzag α-graphyne nanoribbons
  7. Temperature-controlled giant thermal magnetoresistance behaviors in doped zigzag-edged silicene nanoribbons
  8. Effects of Geometry and Symmetry on Electron Transport through Graphene–Carbon-Chain Junctions
  9. Non-magnetic doping induced a high spin-filter efficiency and large spin Seebeck effect in zigzag graphene nanoribbons
  10. Dynamic screening and plasmon spectrum in bilayer graphene
  11. Bias-Controlled Giant Magnetoresistance through Cyclopentadienyl–Iron Multidecker Molecules
  12. Spin Transport in Be Edge-Doped Graphene Nanoribbon
  13. Negative differential spin conductance in doped zigzag graphene nanoribbons
  14. Quantum transport anomalies in DNA containing mispairs
  15. Spin transport in substitutionally doped graphene nanoribbons
  16. Spin dependent transport in [CpFeCpV]n molecule wires
  17. Electric screening and plasmon dispersion in biased bilayer graphene
  18. Crystallitic orientation effects on charge transport in polythiophene thin-film transistors
  19. Coulomb screening and collective excitations in biased bilayer graphene
  20. Manipulating Spin Transport via Vanadium−Iron Cyclopentadienyl Multidecker Sandwich Molecules
  21. Atomistic modeling of the electrostatic and transport properties of a simplified nanoscale field effect transistor
  23. Coulomb screening and collective excitations in a graphene bilayer
  24. Collective excitations of Dirac electrons in a graphene layer with spin-orbit interactions
  25. Physics Aspects of Charge Migration Through DNA
  26. Spin-dependent magnetotransport through a mesoscopic ring in the presence of spin-orbit interaction
  27. Band structure and magnetotransport of a two-dimensional electron gas in the presence of spin-orbit interaction
  29. Beating of oscillations in transport coefficients of a one-dimensionally periodically modulated two-dimensional electron gas in the presence of spin-orbit interaction
  30. Band structure of a two-dimensional electron gas in the presence of two-dimensional electric and magnetic modulations and a perpendicular magnetic field
  31. Quantum and transport lifetimes of a two‐dimensional hole gas in the presence of spin–orbit interaction
  32. Spin-transistor action in waveguides with periodically modulated strength of the spin–orbit interaction
  33. Inverse flux quantum periodicity of magnetoresistance oscillations in two-dimensional short-period surface superlattices
  34. Lifetimes of a two-dimensional electron gas in the presence of spin-orbit interaction
  35. Acoustics spectral gaps and transmission in periodic stub tuners
  36. Spin-dependent transmission in waveguides with periodically modulated strength of the spin-orbit interaction
  37. Influence of subband mixing due to spin-orbit interaction on the transmission through periodically modulated waveguides
  38. Band‐gap engineering in periodic acoustic stub tuners: Spectral gaps and transmission
  39. Magnetotransport in a two-dimensional electron gas in the presence of spin-orbit interaction
  40. Spin-dependent transmission of holes through periodically modulated diluted magnetic semiconductor waveguides
  41. Spin-current modulation and square-wave transmission through periodically stubbed electron waveguides
  42. Ballistic spin transport through electronic stub tuners: Spin precession, selection, and square-wave transmission
  43. Tunability of acoustic spectral gaps and transmission in periodically stubbed waveguides
  44. Electron mobility in a GaAs/AlAs quantum well with a thin AlAs middle barrier
  45. Hot-electron transport and impact ionization process in Hg 0.8 Cd 0.2 Te
  46. Nonlinear transport in GaAs/AlAs harmonically confined quantum wires
  47. Impact ionization in balance equation theory
  48. Polar-optic phonons and high-field electron transport in cylindrical GaAs/AlAs quantum wires
  49. Electron transport through a quantum-dot superlattice
  50. Subband Effects on High‐Field Electron Transport in Quasi‐One‐Dimensional Systems