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  1. Stem cell culture and differentiation in microfluidic devices toward organ-on-a-chip
  2. Biomarker detection for disease diagnosis using cost-effective microfluidic platforms
  3. A Versatile PDMS/Paper Hybrid Microfluidic Platform for Sensitive Infectious Disease Diagnosis
  4. In vitrospatially organizing the differentiation in individual multicellular stem cell aggregates
  5. Study of flow behaviors on single-cell manipulation and shear stress reduction in microfluidic chips using computational fluid dynamics simulations
  6. A PDMS/paper/glass hybrid microfluidic biochip integrated with aptamer-functionalized graphene oxide nano-biosensors for one-step multiplexed pathogen detection
  7. Microfluidic devices for biomedical applications
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  10. Microfluidic 3D cell culture: potential application for tissue-based bioassays
  11. A simple and fast microfluidic approach of same-single-cell analysis (SASCA) for the study of multidrug resistance modulation in cancer cells
  12. Integrated DNA purification, PCR, sample cleanup, and capillary electrophoresis microchip for forensic human identification
  13. Paper-based piezoresistive MEMS sensors
  14. A rotating microfluidic array chip for staining assays
  15. Strategies for the real-time detection of Ca2+channel events of single cells: recent advances and new possibilities
  16. Real-time detection of the early event of cytotoxicity of herbal ingredients on single leukemia cells studied in a microfluidic biochip
  17. Same-Single-Cell Analysis for the Study of Drug Efflux Modulation of Multidrug Resistant Cells Using a Microfluidic Chip
  18. Real-time monitoring of intracellular calcium dynamic mobilization of a single cardiomyocyte in a microfluidic chip pertaining to drug discovery
  19. Microfluidic Selection and Retention of a Single Cardiac Myocyte, On-Chip Dye Loading, Cell Contraction by Chemical Stimulation, and Quantitative Fluorescent Analysis of Intracellular Calcium
  20. Microfluidic Lab-on-a-Chip
  21. Simultaneous Determination of Tryptophan and Glutathione in Individual Rat Hepatocytes by Capillary Zone Electrophoresis with Electrochemical Detection at a Carbon Fiber Bundle−Au/Hg Dual Electrode
  22. Separation and determination of homovanillic acid and vanillylmandelic acid by capillary electrophoresis with electrochemical detection
  23. Contraction Study of a Single Cardiac Muscle Cell in a Microfluidic Chip