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  1. Co-delivery of zinc and 5-aminosalicylic acid from alginate/N-succinyl-chitosan blend microspheres for synergistic therapy of colitis
  2. Nano-clip based composites with a low percolation threshold and high dielectric constant
  3. Ultrafast Microwave Nano-manufacturing of Fullerene-Like Metal Chalcogenides
  4. Electrically conductive materials encourage the electrophysiological development of cardiac cells
  5. One-step solution combustion synthesis of cobalt–nickel oxides/C/Ni/CNTs nanocomposites as electrochemical capacitors electrode materials
  6. Polypyrrole doped epoxy resin nanocomposites with enhanced mechanical properties and reduced flammability
  7. One-Step Synthesis and Characterization of Polyaniline Nanofiber/Silver Nanoparticle Composite Networks as Antibacterial Agents
  8. One-step synthesis and characterization of poly(o-toluidine) nanofiber/metal nanoparticle composite networks as non-enzymatic glucose sensors
  9. An ultrafast microwave approach towards multi-component and multi-dimensional nanomaterials
  10. Microwave-assisted fabrication of carbon nanotubes decorated polymeric nano-medical platforms for simultaneous drug delivery and magnetic resonance imaging
  11. Shape control of novel platinum nanobelts
  12. Ultrafast Cr(vi) removal from polluted water by microwave synthesized iron oxide submicron wires
  13. Non-covalent modification of thrombolytic agent nattokinase: simultaneous improvement of fibrinolysis activity and enzymatic stability
  14. Ultra-small and innocuous cationic starch nanospheres: Preparation, characterization and drug delivery study
  15. Self-assembly behavior of pH- and thermo-responsive hydrophilic ABCBA-type pentablock copolymers synthesized by consecutive RAFT polymerization
  16. One-pot formation of multifunctional Pt-conducting polymer intercalated nanostructures
  17. Synthesis of linear amphiphilic tetrablock quaterpolymers with dual stimulus response through the combination of ATRP and RAFT by a click chemistry site transformation approach
  18. Controlled synthesis of transition metal/conducting polymer nanocomposites
  19. Facile synthesis of polypyrrole coated copper nanowires: a new concept to engineered core–shell structures
  20. Recent advances in microwave initiated synthesis of nanocarbon materials
  21. Seeding approach to noble metal decorated conducting polymer nanofiber network
  22. ultrafast microwave approach to make carbon nanotubes
  23. Green-nano approach to nanostructured polypyrrole
  24. Oxidative Template for Conducting Polymer Nanoclips
  25. Chromism and molecular weight of polyaniline derivatives
  26. Chemical Vapor Detection Using Parent Polythiophene Nanofibers
  27. Parent Polythiophene Nanofibers
  28. Fibrillar Growth in Polyaniline
  29. Microwave synthesis of nanocarbons from conducting polymers
  30. Chemical Synthesis of PEDOT Nanotubes
  31. Absolute Molecular Weight of Polyaniline
  32. Narrow Pore-Diameter Polypyrrole Nanotubes
  33. Chemical synthesis of PEDOT nanofibers
  34. Bulk Synthesis of Polypyrrole Nanofibers by a Seeding Approach
  35. Nanofibers of polyaniline synthesized by interfacial polymerization
  36. Synthesis of Polyaniline Nanofibers by “Nanofiber Seeding”
  37. Polyaniline nanofibers: chemical synthesis using surfactants