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  1. Polyethylenimine-based bifunctional interfacial layer for efficient quantum dot photovoltaics
  2. NaTaO3 perovskite photothermal catalyst
  3. WO3/ZnO nanowire heterojunction as hole transport channel for building up persistent holographic fringes
  4. Spray-processed nanoporous BiVO4 photoanodes with high charge separation efficiency for oxygen evolution
  5. Pressure-enhanced electronic coupling of highly passivated quantum dot films to improve photovoltaic performance
  6. Vacuum heat treated titanate nanotubes for visible-light photocatalysis
  7. Bilayer TiO2photoanode consisting of a nanowire–nanoparticle bottom layer and a spherical voids scattering layer for dye-sensitized solar cells
  8. Correlation between band alignment and enhanced photocatalysis: a case study with anatase/TiO2(B) nanotube heterojunction
  9. Efficiency enhanced rutile TiO2 nanowire solar cells based on an Sb2S3 absorber and a CuI hole conductor
  10. Enhanced electrochromic properties of a TiO2nanowire array via decoration with anatase nanoparticles
  11. Waveband-dependent photochemical processing of graphene oxide in fabricating reduced graphene oxide film and graphene oxide–Ag nanoparticles film
  12. Coexistence of an anatase/TiO2(B) heterojunction and an exposed (001) facet in TiO2 nanoribbon photocatalysts synthesized via a fluorine-free route and topotactic transformation