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  1. Development of Environmental Contours from Site-Specific Regression Parameters of Load–Settlement Curves for Piles: The Global Database
  2. Solving the geometric reliability index for a case involving multivariate random variables in the original physical space
  3. Development of environmental contours from rainfall intensity and duration data for slopes
  4. Interpretation of Site-Specific Reliability Index for Piles Using Multiple Bidirectional Tests
  5. Determination of geometric reliability index of piles at site-specific scale: Case studies
  6. Geometric Reliability Analysis of Composite Foundations Comprising Cement–Fly Ash–Gravel Piles at Site-Specific Scale
  7. Probabilistic analysis of site-specific load-displacement behaviour of cement-fly ash-gravel piles
  8. Quantifying the non-normality of shear strength of geomaterials
  9. Discussion of “quantifying the cross-correlation between effective cohesion and friction angle of soil from limited site-specific data” by Wang and Akeju (2016)
  10. Implementing statistical fitting and reliability analysis for geotechnical engineering problems in R
  11. Geometric reliability analysis applied to wave overtopping of sea defences
  12. Modelling dependence structures of soil shear strength data with bivariate copulas and applications to geotechnical reliability analysis
  13. Liouville equation-based stochastic model for shoreline evolution
  14. Probabilistic solution of floodplain inundation equation
  15. Analysing Flood and Erosion Risks and Coastal Management Strategies on the Norfolk Coast
  16. Broadscale Coastal Inundation Modelling
  17. Assessing the correlated performance functions of an engineering system via probabilistic analysis
  18. Development of fragility functions for slope instability analysis
  19. Using copulas to characterise the dependency of GCL shear strengths
  20. Trivariate analysis of soil ranking-correlated characteristics and its application to probabilistic stability assessments in geotechnical engineering problems
  21. Probabilistic slope stability analysis by a copula-based sampling method
  22. Application of a stochastic differential equation to the prediction of shoreline evolution