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  1. Measuring global research activities using geographic data of scholarly article visits
  2. Tracking the digital footprints to scholarly articles from social media
  3. Editorial behaviors in peer review
  4. The open access advantage considering citation, article usage and social media attention
  5. Does a paper being featured on the cover of a journal guarantee more attention and greater impact?
  6. How far does scientific community look back?
  7. Are significant inventions more diversified?
  8. Usage history of scientific literature: Nature metrics and metrics of Nature publications
  9. Network structural analysis of technology: a study from patent perspective
  10. Exploring scientists’ working timetable: A global survey
  11. Divergence and convergence: technology-relatedness evolution in solar energy industry
  12. The Dynamics of Scientific Collaboration Networks in Scientometrics
  13. Chinese elite brain drain to USA: an investigation of 100 United States national universities
  14. Tracing scientist’s research trends realtimely
  15. International scientific collaboration of China: collaborating countries, institutions and individuals
  16. Exploring scientists’ working timetable: Do scientists often work overtime?
  17. The role of Chinese–American scientists in China–US scientific collaboration: a study in nanotechnology
  18. Science funding and research output: a study on 10 countries
  19. A Bibliometric Analysis of Science Cooperation Group Size
  20. Patent co-citation networks of Fortune 500 companies
  21. Trends for nanotechnology development in China, Russia, and India
  22. Analysis on the Spatial Distribution and Evolution of FDI in Mainland China