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  1. Assembly of Helical Structures in Systems with Competing Interactions under Cylindrical Confinement
  2. Effective Topological Charge Cancelation Mechanism
  3. Closed membrane shapes with attached BAR domains subject to external force of actin filaments
  4. Density functional theory for systems with mesoscopic inhomogeneities
  5. Critical point calculation for binary mixtures of symmetric non-additive hard disks
  6. Bicontinuous Phases of Lyotropic Liquid Crystals
  7. Cubosome Topologies at Various Particle Sizes and Crystallographic Symmetries
  8. Modeling of closed membrane shapes
  9. Predicting the Orientation of Lipid Cubic Phase Films
  10. Facets of Lyotropic Liquid Crystals
  11. Numerical Study of Membrane Configurations
  12. On the Role of Anisotropy of Membrane Components in Formation and Stabilization of Tubular Structures in Multicomponent Membranes
  13. Symmetry, topology and faceting in bicontinuous lyotropic crystals
  14. Vesiculation of biological membrane driven by curvature induced frustrations in membrane orientational ordering
  15. Origin of similarity of phase diagrams in amphiphilic and colloidal systems with competing interactions
  16. The transport along membrane nanotubes driven by the spontaneous curvature of membrane components
  17. Separation of components in lipid membranes induced by shape transformation
  18. On the role of membrane anisotropy and BAR proteins in the stability of tubular membrane structures
  19. Shape transformation of lipid vesicles induced by diffusing macromolecules
  20. Mesoscopic description of network-forming clusters of weakly charged colloids
  21. Chapter two Shape Transformations of Amphiphilic Membranes
  22. Diffusion of Macromolecules on Lipid Vesicles
  23. Simple three-state lattice model for liquid water
  25. Field theory for size- and charge-asymmetric primitive model of ionic systems: Mean-field stability analysis and pretransitional effects
  26. Deformations of Lipid Vesicles Induced by Attached Spherical Particles
  27. The Interface Width of Separated Two-Component Lipid Membranes
  28. Mesoscopic theory for size- and charge-asymmetric ionic systems: I. The case of extreme asymmetry
  29. Influence of Spontaneous Curvature and Microtubules on the Conformations of Lipid Vesicles
  30. Phase separation of the Widom–Rowlinson mixture in confined geometry
  31. Spontaneous Curvature Induced Shape Transformations of Tubular Polymersomes
  32. Critical-point and coexistence curve properties of a symmetric mixture of nonadditive hard spheres: A finite size scaling study
  33. Periodic Surfaces In Physics, Chemistry And Biology
  34. Effect of a nearby charge-ordered phase on correlation functions in ionic systems
  35. Giant Hexagonal Superstructures in Diblock-Copolymer Membranes
  36. Phase behavior of two-component membranes
  37. Shape transformations of two-component membranes under weak tension
  38. 7 Nonelectrolyte solutions exhibiting structure on the nanoscale
  39. Ordering in Microemulsions
  40. Shapes and shape transformations of two-component membranes of complex topology
  41. Composition-Driven Shape Transformations of Membranes of Complex Topology
  42. Triply periodic surfaces and multiply continuous structures from the Landau model of microemulsions
  43. High Genus Periodic Gyroid Surfaces of Nonpositive Gaussian Curvature
  44. Liquid-liquid phase transitions in pores
  45. A note on the Monte Carlo simulations of the one-particle background correlation function of a gas in contact with a wall