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  1. Validation of a Chinese Version of the Attitudes Toward Prisoners Scale
  2. Using a modified version of SIMSOC to promote active learning in crime causation and response in an unjust society
  3. Mediating the Maltreatment–Delinquency Relationship: The Role of Triad Gang Membership
  4. Delinquency Among Members of Hong Kong Youth Street Gangs: The Role of the Organizational Structures of Gangs and Triad Affiliations
  5. Association Between Parents’ Marital Status and the Development of Purpose, Hope, and Self-Esteem in Adolescents in Hong Kong
  6. Perceptions of Fairness and Satisfaction in Lawyer–Client Interactions Among Young Offenders in Hong Kong
  7. Understanding the Conspiracy of Silence: Factors Associated With Whether Caregivers Choose to Disclose Incarceration Information to Children With Imprisoned Fathers
  8. Validation of the Offending-Related Attitudes Questionnaire of CRIME-PICS II Scale (Chinese)
  9. Association Between Caregiver Stress and Behavioral Problems in the Children of Incarcerated Fathers in Hong Kong
  10. Incarceration and Family Stress as Understood through the Family Process Theory: Evidence from Hong Kong
  11. Students’ Willingness for Future Volunteering in Hong Kong
  12. Economic Development and Subjective Well-being: A Comparative Study of Adolescents in Hong Kong and Macau
  13. Mind the Gap: Hong Kong’s Sexual Conviction Record Scheme
  14. School Social Work Practice and Research around the Globe
  15. Voices of the incarcerated father: Struggling to live up to fatherhood
  16. Gender Differences in Happiness and Life Satisfaction Among Adolescents in Hong Kong: Relationships and Self-Concept
  17. Juvenile offenders' perceptions of probation officers as social workers in Hong Kong
  18. Self-control, School Bullying Perpetration, and Victimization among Macanese Adolescents
  19. Students’ Attitudes Towards Globalization and Global Citizenship Questionnaire
  20. Perceptions of Probation Officers Scale
  21. Colonial responses to youth crime in Hong Kong: Penal elitism, legitimacy and citizenship
  22. Association between self-control and school bullying behaviors among Macanese adolescents
  23. Self-control and the fear of death among adolescents in Hong Kong
  24. Fear of Crime Scale--Chinese Version
  25. Effects of Volunteering Experiences and Motivations on Attitudes Toward Prisoners: Evidence from Hong Kong
  26. Elder Financial Asset Management
  27. Psychological Correlates of Violent and Non-violent Hong Kong Juvenile Probationers
  28. An Empirical Investigation of Social Bonds and Juvenile Delinquency in Hong Kong
  29. Criminal Recidivism Among Hong Kong Male Juvenile Probationers
  30. Volunteer Satisfaction Index--Chinese Version
  31. The Volunteer Satisfaction Index: A Validation Study in the Chinese Cultural Context
  32. ‘Pains of imprisonment’: narratives of the women partners and children of the incarcerated
  33. International students: a vulnerable student population
  34. Courts and Criminal Justice in Contemporary China. Susan Trevaskes
  35. Indecent assault on the public transport in Hong Kong
  36. Factors Associated with the One-year Probation Outcome: A Self-report Study in Hong Kong
  37. Prisoners' Right to Vote in Hong Kong: A Human Rights Perspective
  38. The use of a virtual learning environment: The Hong Kong experience
  39. Detention Center in Hong Kong
  40. Policing in a Multicultural Society: A Queensland Case Study
  41. In the Eyes of Hong Kong Chinese Female Drug Offenders
  42. The Call to Social Work: Life Stories
  43. Policing a Chinese Community in Brisbane, Queensland: An Experiment
  44. Experiences of probation supervision in Hong Kong: Listening to the young adult probationers
  45. A book review on
  46. Imprisoned Fathers and Their Children
  47. The Social Work Model Of Probation Supervision For Offenders In Hong Kong
  48. Book Review: Evidence-based Social Care: A Study of Prospects and Problems
  49. The Role of Psychology in Policing: An Overview
  50. Introduction