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  1. Combined Inflammation and Metabolism Biomarker Indices of Robust and Impaired Physical Function in Older Adults
  2. Volume of Light Versus Moderate‐to‐Vigorous Physical Activity: Similar Benefits for All‐Cause Mortality?
  3. Effects of 2 years of caloric restriction on oxidative status assessed by urinary F2-isoprostanes: The CALERIE 2 randomized clinical trial
  4. Atherogenic Lipoprotein Determinants of Cardiovascular Disease and Residual Risk Among Individuals With Low Low‐Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol
  5. Impact of early personal-history characteristics on the Pace of Aging: implications for clinical trials of therapies to slow aging and extend healthspan
  6. Association of the Composite Inflammatory Biomarker GlycA, with Exercise-Induced Changes in Body Habitus in Men and Women with Prediabetes
  7. A Novel Protein Glycan–Derived Inflammation Biomarker Independently Predicts Cardiovascular Disease and Modifies the Association of HDL Subclasses with Mortality
  8. Bioengineered human myobundles mimic clinical responses of skeletal muscle to drugs