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  1. On Philosophy & Participation
  2. Adorno and Contemporary Art
  3. To Grieve
  4. Doing Life Is That Which We Must Think
  5. Adorno, Baroque, Gardens, Ruzzante: Rearranging Theatre Historiography
  6. Performance Philosophy: Arrived Just in Time?
  7. Bootleg Education: Para-Pedagogical Experimentation Outside the University Setting
  8. Introduction to Adorno and Performance
  9. Adorno and Performance
  10. Hyperlinking and Hyperthinking through Theatre History: Haiti, "Hotel California," Woyzeck, Hegel, and Back Again
  11. From Pseudo-Activity to Critique Adorno, philosophy, participation
  12. Introduction to Adorno and Performance
  13. Adorno, Baroque, Gardens, Ruzzante