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  1. Real-Time Forecast of SMAP L3 Soil Moisture Using Spatial–Temporal Deep Learning Model with Data Integration
  2. A 1 km daily soil moisture dataset over China using in situ measurement and machine learning
  3. A Spatial Downscaling Method for Remote Sensing Soil Moisture Based on Random Forest Considering Soil Moisture Memory and Mass Conservation
  4. On the magnitude and uncertainties of global and regional soil organic carbon: A comparative analysis using multiple estimates
  5. Supplementary material to "On the magnitude and uncertainties of global and regional soil organic carbon: A comparative analysis using multiple estimates"
  6. A 1-km daily soil moisture dataset of China based on in-situ measurement using machine learning
  7. Supplementary material to "A 1-km daily soil moisture dataset of China based on in-situ measurement using machine learning"
  8. Improving soil moisture prediction using a novel encoder-decoder model with residual learning
  9. Assessment of Agricultural Drought Based on Reanalysis Soil Moisture in Southern China
  10. An attention-aware LSTM model for soil moisture and soil temperature prediction
  11. Global evaluation of the Noah‐MP land surface model and suggestions for selecting parameterization schemes
  12. Assessment of global meteorological, hydrological and agricultural drought under future warming based on CMIP6
  13. Plant drought tolerance trait is the key parameter in improving the modeling of terrestrial transpiration in arid and semi-arid regions
  14. Improved daily SMAP satellite soil moisture prediction over China using deep learning model with transfer learning
  15. New Representation of Plant Hydraulics Improves the Estimates of Transpiration in Land Surface Model
  16. Assessment of Agricultural Drought Using Soil Water Deficit Index Based on ERA5-Land Soil Moisture Data in Four Southern Provinces of China
  17. Evaluation of the Effect of Low Soil Temperature Stress on the Land Surface Energy Fluxes Simulation in the Site and Global Offline Experiments
  18. Evaluation of the effect of low soil temperature stress on the land surface energy fluxes simulation in the site and global offline experiments
  19. A Causal Inference Model Based on Random Forests to Identify the Effect of Soil Moisture on Precipitation
  20. Depth-to-bedrock map of China at a spatial resolution of 100 meters
  21. Evaluation of Soil Thermal Conductivity Schemes for Use in Land Surface Modeling
  22. A Global High‐Resolution Data Set of Soil Hydraulic and Thermal Properties for Land Surface Modeling
  23. Using data‐driven methods to explore the predictability of surface soil moisture with FLUXNET site data
  24. A review of the global soil property maps for Earth system models
  25. Different representations of canopy structure—A large source of uncertainty in global land surface modeling
  26. Evaluating and Improving the Performance of Three 1‐D Lake Models in a Large Deep Lake of the Central Tibetan Plateau
  27. Evaluating common land model energy fluxes using FLUXNET data
  28. Incorporating root hydraulic redistribution and compensatory water uptake in the Common Land Model: Effects on site level and global land modeling
  29. SoilGrids250m: Global gridded soil information based on machine learning
  30. Mapping the global depth to bedrock for land surface modeling
  31. Reexamination and further development of two-stream canopy radiative transfer models for global land modeling
  32. Age‐dependent forest carbon sink: Estimation via inverse modeling
  33. A global soil data set for earth system modeling
  34. A 3D Canopy Radiative Transfer Model for Global Climate Modeling: Description, Validation, and Application
  35. Particle-Size Distribution Models for the Conversion of Chinese Data to FAO/USDA System
  36. Soil Diversity as Affected by Land Use in China: Consequences for Soil Protection
  37. Development of a China Dataset of Soil Hydraulic Parameters Using Pedotransfer Functions for Land Surface Modeling
  38. A China data set of soil properties for land surface modeling
  39. Preliminary estimation of the organic carbon pool in China’s wetlands
  40. A soil particle-size distribution dataset for regional land and climate modelling in China
  41. Reprocessing the MODIS Leaf Area Index products for land surface and climate modelling