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  1. Volunteer tourism and youth travelers
  2. Product performance and its role in airline image generation and customer retention processes: gender difference
  3. Impact of hotels’ sustainability practices on guest attitudinal loyalty: application of loyalty chain stages theory
  4. Role of Social Network Services (SNS) Sales Promotions in Generating Brand Loyalty for Chain Steakhouses
  5. Environmental corporate social responsibility and the strategy to boost the airline’s image and customer loyalty intentions
  6. Triggers of Patrons’ Repeat Purchase for Hotel Restaurant Products
  7. Impact of social/personal norms and willingness to sacrifice on young vacationers’ pro-environmental intentions for waste reduction and recycling
  8. Promoting towel reuse behaviour in guests: A water conservation management and environmental policy in the hotel industry
  9. Assessing cognitive, emotional and normative influence in the cruise context
  10. Youth travelers and waste reduction behaviors while traveling to tourist destinations
  11. Antecedents of Green Loyalty in the Cruise Industry: Sustainable Development and Environmental Management
  12. The role of wellness spa tourism performance in building destination loyalty: the case of Thailand
  13. Workplace fun