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  1. Design, simulation, and fabrication of a double annular ring microstrip antenna based on gaps with multiband feature
  2. Enhancement the gain and bandwidth of a circular patch microstrip antenna in X-band
  3. Design of High Gain Slotted Circular Microstrip Antenna for X-band Applications
  4. Genetic Structure, Transmission, Clinical Characteristics, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): A Review
  5. Theoretical analysis of short backfire antenna by using Moment of method
  6. Designing a Microstrip Patch Antenna in Part of Ultra-Wideband Applications
  7. A dual band star-shaped fractal slot antenna: Design and measurement
  8. Design of Wraparound Microstrip Antenna using the Method of Moment
  9. Design and Simulation of Triple Band Circular Patch Microstrip Antenna Based on Shape of Ring and Rectangular Slots
  10. Ttriple band annular ring microstrip antenna based on shape of crescent moon
  11. Histological and Haematological Alterations in Female Mice after Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields
  12. Multi-Forked Microstrip Patch Antenna for Broadband Application
  13. E-shaped microstrip antenna for dual band in x- and ku-bands applications
  14. Wide Impedance Bandwidth
  15. Antenna Array, Microstrip Antennas, Radar Cross Section, Electromagnetic Computations
  16. A proteomic investigation into mechanisms underpinning corticosteroid effects on neural stem cells
  17. Scattering From Dielectrically Coated Bodies Of Revolution With Attached Wires
  18. Determination of Surface Currents on Circular Microstrip Antennas