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  1. The critical compressibility factor of fluids from the global isomorphism approach
  2. Peculiarities in the behavior of the entropy diameter for molecular liquids as the reflection of molecular rotations and the excluded volume effects
  3. Unified Picture for the Classical Laws of Batschinski and the Rectilinear Diameter for Molecular Fluids
  4. The Vliegenthart–Lekkerkerker relation: The case of the Mie-fluids
  5. New version of the fluctuation Hamiltonian for liquids near the critical point
  6. On the relation between Vicsek and Kuramoto models of spontaneous synchronization
  7. Communication: The application of the global isomorphism to the study of liquid-vapor equilibrium in two and three-dimensional Lennard-Jones fluids
  8. Generalized principle of corresponding states and the scale invariant mean-field approach
  9. Global isomorphism between the Lennard-Jones fluids and the Ising model
  10. Simple Geometrical Interpretation of the Linear Character for the Zeno-Line and the Rectilinear Diameter
  11. Is the thermodynamic behavior of the noble fluids consistent with the principle of corresponding states?
  12. The nature of the rectilinear diameter singularity
  13. The kinetic regime of the Vicsek model
  14. Collective behavior of self-propelling particles with kinematic constraints: The relation between the discrete and the continuous description
  15. Stability properties of the collective stationary motion of self-propelling particles with conservative kinematic constraints
  16. Properties of water near its critical point
  17. Hydrodynamic model for the system of self propelling particles with conservative kinematic constraints; two dimensional stationary solutions
  18. Hydrodynamic model for a system of self-propelling particles with conservative kinematic constraints
  19. Nature of double critical points in binary solutions
  20. Nonperturbative construction of the Landau-Ginzburg Hamiltonian for the Ising-like systems
  21. Dipole fluid as a basic model for the equation of state of ionic liquids in the vicinity of their critical point
  22. Critical behavior of ionic liquids