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  1. Challenges in applying design research studies to assess benefits of BIM in infrastructure projects
  2. Needs and technology adoption: observation from BIM experience
  3. BIM as Infrastructure in a Finnish HVAC Actor Network: Enabling Adoption, Reuse, and Recombination over a Building Life Cycle and between Projects
  4. BIM and systemic ICT innovation in AEC
  5. Social learning in design teams: The importance of direct and indirect communications
  6. Developing a computational model to understand the contributions of social learning modes to task coordination in teams
  7. Developing a Multi-Agent Model to Study the Social Formation of Design Practice
  8. Challenges for Integrated Design and Delivery Teams in AEC
  9. Towards an integrated generative design framework
  10. Computational studies to understand the role of social learning in team familiarity and its effects on team performance
  11. A theoretical framework of a BIM-based multi-disciplinary collaboration platform
  12. A method for structure sharing to enhance resource effectiveness
  13. BIM Adoption
  14. Towards the Development of a Project Decision Support Framework for Adoption of an Integrated Building Information Model using a Model Server