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  1. Fault detection and localization in unshielded twisted pair cable based on observability analysis and reflectometry experimental measurements
  2. Fault detection using PDE-based observer in transport flow
  3. Remaining useful life estimation of ball-bearings based on motor current signature analysis
  4. Bus network decomposition for fault detection and isolation through power line communication
  5. A New Approach to Nonlinear State Observation for Affine Control Dynamical Systems
  6. Explainable root cause and pathway analysis with robust and adaptive statistics
  7. Modeling and Adaptive Fault Compensation for Two Physically Linked 2WD Mobile Robots
  8. Backstepping based sliding mode fault-tolerant control for linear interconnected parabolic distributed parameter systems
  9. Fault Tolerant Control of Switched Systems: A Generalized Separation Principle
  10. Fault Detection for Nonlinear Discrete-Time Switched Systems With Persistent Dwell Time
  11. Adaptive Compensation of Multiple Actuator Faults for Two Physically Linked 2WD Robots
  12. Finite-Frequency Fault Detection Filter Design for Discrete-Time Switched Systems
  13. Actuator failure compensation for two linked 2WD mobile robots based on multiple-model control
  14. Actuator fault estimation for discrete-time switched systems with finite-frequency
  15. Multidesign Integration Based Adaptive Actuator Failure Compensation Control for Two Linked 2WD Mobile Robots
  16. Distributed Fault Estimation Observer Design for Multi-Agent Systems with Switching Topologies
  17. Selection of Steady State Time-Periods for Monitoring an Industrial Heat Exchanger
  18. Actuator fault compensation tracking control for multi linked 2WD mobile robots
  19. Adjustable parameter-based multi-objective fault estimation observer design for continuous-time/discrete-time dynamic systems
  20. Robust fault estimation observer design with finite-time convergence specification
  21. Peer review statement
  22. A hybrid robust fault tolerant control based on adaptive joint unscented Kalman filter
  23. An adaptive actuator failure compensation scheme for two linked 2WD mobile robots
  24. Fuzzy unknown input observer-based robust fault estimation design for discrete-time fuzzy systems
  25. Boundary PDE-based observer for leakage detection in pressurized pipes
  26. Multiple-model based actuator fault compensation for two linked 2WD mobile robots
  27. Switching time estimation and active mode recognition using a data projection method
  28. Adaptive technique‐based distributed fault estimation observer design for multi‐agent systems with directed graphs
  29. Exponential Boundary Observers for Pressurized Water Pipe
  30. Fault-tolerant control scheme based on reference adjustments for a 4WD electric vehicle with actuator faults and constraints
  31. Fault diagnosis and fault tolerant control scheme for a class of non-linear singular systems
  32. Active Fault Tolerant Decentralized Control Strategy for an Autonomous 2WS4WD Electrical Vehicle Path Tracking
  33. Actuator Fault Diagnosis with Application to a Diesel Engine Testbed
  34. Decentralized Fault Tolerant Formation Control For a Class of Tethered Spacecraft 1 1This work is supported by Natural Science Foundation of China (61273171, 61473143), Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (NE2014202) and State Key L...
  35. Fault Detection, Isolation, Estimation, and Accommodation of Dynamic Systems
  36. Fault tolerant control scheme based on active fault diagnosis for the path tracking control of a 4WD electric vehicle
  37. A survey of results and perspectives on stabilization of switched nonlinear systems with unstable modes
  38. Adaptive Fuzzy Observer-Based Active Fault-Tolerant Dynamic Surface Control for a Class of Nonlinear Systems With Actuator Faults
  39. Observer design for nonlinear parameter-varying systems: Application to diesel engines
  40. Conclusion and Future Research Directions
  41. Fault Tolerant Control for an Electric 4WD Vehicle's Path Tracking with Active Fault Diagnosis
  42. Fault tolerant spacecraft attitude control by multiple control processors1
  43. Introduction
  44. Switched Nonlinear Systems with All Unstable Modes
  45. Switched Nonlinear Systems with Distributed Parameters
  46. Switched Nonlinear Systems with Partial Unstable Modes
  47. Switched Nonlinear Systems with Time-Varying Parameters
  48. Switched Nonlinear Systems with Varying States
  49. Operating modes distinguishability condition in switching systems
  50. Active fault tolerant control of piecewise affine systems with reference tracking and input constraints
  51. Adaptive Nonlinear Actuator Fault Diagnosis for Uncertain Nonlinear Systems with Time-Varying Delays
  52. Hierarchical diagnosis for an overactuated autonomous vehicle
  53. Robust nonlinear observer design for actuator fault detection in diesel engines
  54. Spacecraft formation stabilization and fault tolerance: A state-varying switched system approach
  55. Actuator fault detection and isolation for diesel engines
  56. Stochastic Stability of Markovianly Switched Systems
  57. Data-projection method for actuator fault detection and estimation
  58. Active fault diagnosis based on fault-tolerant control with control constraints for an electric 4WD vehicle
  59. Active Mode Recognition of Switched Nonlinear Systems: Application to Fault Detection and Isolation
  60. Sensor fault detection for diesel engines
  61. Adaptive fault‐tolerant backstepping control against actuator gain faults and its applications to an aircraft longitudinal motion dynamics
  62. Fuzzy Logic System-Based Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Control for Near-Space Vehicle Attitude Dynamics With Actuator Faults
  63. Fault Detection and Isolation for Switching Systems using a Parameter-Free Method
  64. Multi-objectiveH −  ∕ H ∞ fault detection observer design for Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy systems with unmeasurable premise variables: descriptor approach
  65. Adaptive fault tolerant synchronization with unknown propagation delays and actuator faults
  66. Diagnosis of Systems with Multiple Operating Modes
  67. A parameter-free method for sensor fault detection and isolation in bilinear systems
  68. Fault Tolerant Control for Autonomous Vehicle by Generating References for Rear Wheels Steering
  69. Fault-Tolerant Control for T–S Fuzzy Systems With Application to Near-Space Hypersonic Vehicle With Actuator Faults
  70. Control strategy for the air path dynamic system
  71. Nonlinear unknown input observer for intake leakage estimation in diesel engines
  72. A framework of robust fault estimation observer design for continuous-time/discrete-time systems
  73. Supervisory fault tolerant control with integrated fault detection and isolation: A switched system approach
  74. Tolerance of intermittent controller faults via hybrid system approach1
  75. Fault Tolerant Control of Internal Combustion Engine subject to Intake Manifold Leakage
  76. Data projection method for sensor Fault Detection and Isolation on nonlinear systems based on Takagi Sugeno model
  77. Fault tolerance in networked control systems under intermittent observations
  78. Sensor fault diagnosis for bilinear systems using data-based residuals
  79. Fault diagnosis and estimation for near-space hypersonic vehicle with sensor faults
  80. Passive fault tolerant control of piecewise affine systems with reference tracking and input constraints
  81. Adaptive observer for Intake leakage detection in diesel engines described by Takagi-Sugeno model
  82. Condition-based dynamic maintenance operations planning & grouping. Application to commercial heavy vehicles
  83. On mode discernibility and switching detectability for linear switching systems using a data-based projection method
  84. Robust mode recognition in Hybrid Dynamical Systems with nonlinear modes
  85. Fault detection for discrete-time switched systems with interval time-varying delays
  86. Supervisory fault-tolerant regulation for nonlinear systems
  87. Algebraic approach for model decomposition: Application to fault detection and isolation in discrete-event systems
  88. Distinguishability and similarity between modes in hybrid system monitoring
  89. Structural analysis for air path of an automotive diesel engine
  90. Tolerant control for an autonomous vehicle subject to faulty steering system
  91. Results and perspectives on fault tolerant control for a class of hybrid systems
  92. Passive Fault Tolerant Control of Piecewise Affine Systems Based on H Infinity Synthesis
  93. Mode recognition of hybrid dynamical systems with nonlinear modes using Takagi-Sugeno models
  94. Parameter-free method for switching time estimation and current mode recognition
  95. Supervisory fault tolerant control design via switched system approach
  96. Design of dependable system architectures for a railroad smart wagon using shared functions
  97. Fault tolerant control design via hybrid petri nets
  98. A new adaptive fuzzy vector control for permanent magnet synchronous motor drive
  99. Fault diagnosis and fault tolerant control for a class of nonlinear singular systems
  100. Fault diagnosis and fault tolerant control for non-Gaussian singular stochastic distribution systems
  101. Fault tolerant control for a class of nonlinear systems using an iterative learning observer
  102. Optimal Fault-Tolerant Path-Tracking Control for 4WS4WD Electric Vehicles
  103. Utilisation des séquences de pannes pour la conception de systèmes de commande sûrs
  104. Fault Tolerant Control and Hybrid Systems
  105. Conclusion and Future Research Directions
  106. Fault Tolerant Control Design for Hybrid Systems
  107. Hybrid Systems with Discrete Specifications
  108. A new supervisory fault tolerant output regulation scheme for nonlinear systems
  109. Fast adaptive fault estimation and accommodation for nonlinear time‐varying delay systems
  110. Fault-tolerant control for a class of hybrid systems with uncontrollable switching
  111. On stabilization of switched nonlinear systems with unstable modes
  112. Optimal Design of Dependable Control System Architectures Using Temporal Sequences of Failures
  113. Fault tolerance analysis for stochastic systems using switching diffusion processes
  114. Observer‐based fault‐tolerant control for a class of hybrid impulsive systems
  115. Robust fault tolerant tracking control with application to hybrid nonlinear systems
  116. Behavior Graphs for Hybrid Systems Monitoring
  117. Fault Tolerance Analysis for Switched Systems Via Global Passivity
  118. A fault tolerant control framework for periodic switched non-linear systems
  119. Qualitative fault tolerance analysis for a class of hybrid systems
  120. Fault tolerance analysis for a class of stochastic systems
  121. Fault tolerant control for a class of hybrid impulsive systems
  122. High gain observer-based fault estimation for nonlinear networked control systems
  123. Hybrid fault tolerant tracking control design for electric vehicles
  124. An algebraic approach for behavioral model decomposition
  125. Adaptive Fault Tolerant Strategy for Hybrid Systems with Faults Independently Effecting on Outputs
  126. Adaptive Structural Analysis for FDI Design in Evolving Systems
  127. An Algebraic Method for Nonlinear System Decomposition
  128. Fault tolerant strategy for hybrid longitudinal control system of automated vehicles
  129. Fault Accommodation for Hybrid Systems with Continuous and Discrete Faults
  130. Fault Accommodation for Nonlinear Dynamic Systems
  131. Structural analysis of fault isolability in the DAMADICS benchmark
  132. Model based fault detection in a centrifugal pump application
  133. Safety intelligent system conception for piggyback service
  134. Link between high-gain observer-based and parity space residuals for FDI
  135. Fault diagnosis based on adaptive observer for a class of non-linear systems with unknown parameters
  136. Isolabilité structurelle des défaillances. Application à un modèle de vanne
  137. Fault estimation in nonlinear uncertain systems using robust/sliding-mode observers
  138. Improving Fault Isolability Properties by Structural Analysis of Faulty Behavior Models: Application to the DAMADICS Benchmark Problem
  139. A model of asynchronous machines for stator fault detection and isolation
  140. H∞fault detection filter design for linear discrete-time systems with multiple time delays
  141. CHVs brake discs temperature estimation: results in open road tests
  142. The model of asynchronous induction machines