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  1. The Finnish road weather business ecosystem - structure, potentials and implications for demand-driven innovation policy
  2. Changing Training Needs of Port Workers Due to Future Trends
  3. Integrated winter road maintenance management — New directions for cold regions research
  4. Multi-criteria evaluation method for freight logistics innovations
  5. Guidelines for how and when to start tracking perishable products
  6. Decentralized approach to logistics execution monitoring in multi-actor network
  7. Unveiling the RFID business: a survey of the Finnish RFID sector
  8. The European approach to addressing RFID privacy
  9. RFID tracking implementation model for the technical trade and construction supply chains
  10. Supply chain tracking: aligning buyer and supplier incentives
  11. Assessment of EPCIS Standard for Interoperable Tracking in the Supply Chain
  12. RFID tracking in the book supply chain: the transition from postponed to speculative tagging
  13. Assessment of Standards for Inter-organizational Tracking Information Exchange in the Supply Chain
  14. Selection Criteria of Transportation Mode: A Case Study in Four Finnish Industry Sectors
  15. RFID