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  1. Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of a novel asphaltene inhibitor to control organic solid deposition in petroleum formation
  2. Development of fly ash reinforced nanocomposite preformed particle gel for the control of excessive water production in the mature oil fields
  3. Temperature Augmented Visual Method for Initial Screening of Hydrate Inhibitors
  4. Evaluation of Soy Lecithin as Eco-Friendly Biosurfactant Clathrate Hydrate Antiagglomerant Additive
  5. Study of the polymer concentration and polymer/crosslinker ratio effect on gelation time of a novel grafted polymer gel for water shutoff using a central composite design method
  6. Effects of Carboxymethyl Cellulose and Tragacanth Gum on the Properties of Emulsion-Based Drilling Fluids
  7. Study of the Effect of Xanthan Gum Based Graft Copolymer on Water Based Drilling Fluid
  8. Study of the Gelation and Rheological Behavior of Carboxymethyl Cellulose-Polyacrylamide Graft Copolymer Hydrogel
  9. Wax Deposition in Flow Lines Under Dynamic Conditions