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  1. Developing your existing clinic services by adding to your treatment portfolio
  2. Providing treatment packages for patients who are seeking facial rejuvenation
  3. Appreciating the art of patient selection: why turning down patients can be positive
  4. Benefits of app development: marketing services using mobile communications
  5. Pregnancy and aesthetic procedures: understanding the indications and risks
  6. Impact of team building on the workplace: giving employees a chance to collaborate
  7. How to build and maintain your aesthetic clinic's client base effectively
  8. Facial enhancement starts with skin rejuvenation and maintenance
  9. Understanding the value of staff training and education in boosting business potential
  10. Developing and maintaining your brand by mastering the four Ps of marketing
  11. Changing the look, feel and atmosphere of your clinic to alter clients' perspectives
  12. Recruiting and managing case studies to boost your business potential
  13. Treatment of xanthelasma palpebrarum using radiofrequency advanced electrolysis
  14. Financial planning, leasing equipment and budgeting for clinic maintenance
  15. Holding open evenings to increase clinic awareness and recruit loyal clients
  16. Value of video production for patient education and clinic marketing
  17. Why is there no control over unlicensed toxins?