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  1. We analyze the influence of credit information sharing on bank loans
  2. Influence of large controlling shareholders on the terms of bank loans
  3. Repeated borrowing from the same bank affects loan contract terms.
  4. Borrowers paid higher spreads when they borrowed from banks that are also shareholders.
  5. Banks have to assess also the risk associated with low trust societies.
  6. We analyse the effect of institutions and the structure of the banking system on the cost of debt.
  7. Does the economic development matter for the country-level determinants of debt maturity?
  8. We analyse the role of bank ownership and lending on capital structure for Spanish firms.
  9. What about country determinants of debt maturity?
  10. Corporate valuation and trust
  11. Global financial crisis and corporate debt maturity
  12. International evidence about banking liberalization and firms’ debt structure
  13. International evidence about leverage and corporate performance
  14. Firm size and capital structure: evidence using dynamic panel data
  15. Influence of bank concentration and institutions on capital structure. international evidence
  16. The size effect of firms going public on the Spanish capital market
  17. Performance of Spanish firms going public: windows of opportunity and the informative effect
  18. IPO Performance of German and Spanish FamilyOwned Companies
  19. Signalling and the Long-run Performance of Spanish Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)
  20. Stock repurchases with legal restrictions. Evidence from Spain