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  1. Hybrid pooling with wavelets for CNN
  2. Multiresolution dendritic cell algorithm for network anomaly detection
  3. Transiting Exoplanet Discovery Using Machine Learning Techniques: A Survey
  4. A Multiresolution Machine Learning Technique to Identify Exoplanets
  5. Segmentation and Classification of Noisy Thermographic Images as an Aid for Identifying Risk Levels of Breast Cancer
  6. A New Wavelet-Based Neural Network for Classification of Epileptic-Related States using EEG
  7. Real-time facial expression recognition using local appearance-based descriptors
  8. An Approach on MCSA-Based Fault Detection Using Independent Component Analysis and Neural Networks
  9. Bernoulli-Euler finite-element modelling of vibration modes on axisymmetric containers for level measurement
  10. The radial wavelet frame density estimator
  11. Wavelet-based frame video coding algorithms using fovea and SPECK
  12. Binary Large Object-Based Approach for QR Code Detection in Uncontrolled Environments
  13. MATLAB and FPGA-based interactive tool for exploring concepts on compressed sensing
  14. Breaking text-based CAPTCHAs with variable word and character orientation
  15. Network Intrusion Detection Using Self-Recurrent Wavelet Neural Network with Multidimensional Radial Wavelons
  16. Region-of-Interest Coding based on Fovea and Hierarchical Trees
  17. System performance evaluation by combining RTC and VHDL simulation: A case study on NICs
  18. A Hybrid algorithm applied to facility location for forest fire fighting considering budget constraints
  19. Gyroscope-Driven Mouse Pointer with an EMOTIV® EEG Headset and Data Analysis Based on Empirical Mode Decomposition
  20. A motor imagery BCI experiment using wavelet analysis and spatial patterns feature extraction
  21. Interactive educational tool for compensators design in MATLAB® using frequency response analysis
  22. Design and implementation of the discrete wavelet transform on an FPGA platform to process data sets of up to three dimensions
  23. A BCI motor imagery experiment based on parametric feature extraction and Fisher Criterion
  24. A Neural Network Scheme for Long-Term Forecasting of Chaotic Time Series
  25. Comparing Real-Time Calculus with the existing analytical approaches for the performance evaluation of network interfaces
  26. On Signal P-300 Detection for BCI Applications Based on Wavelet Analysis and ICA Preprocessing
  27. Modeling Motion Prediction Techniques: Linear and Quadratic Splines vs Circular-Queue Vector Approach
  28. Wavelet-Based Foveated Compression Algorithm for Real-Time Video Processing
  29. Wavelet-based smoke detection in outdoor video sequences
  30. FPGA-based educational platform for real-time image processing experiments
  31. An FPGA-based architecture for linear and morphological image filtering
  32. An Extension of Least Squares Methods for Smoothing Oscillation of Motion Predicting Function
  33. Facial Feature Model for Emotion Recognition Using Fuzzy Reasoning
  34. Algorithmic Error Correction of Impedance Measuring Sensors
  35. Cryptographic Key Generation from Biometric Data Using Wavelets
  36. A wavelet-based 128-bit key generator using electrocardiogram signals
  37. CBIR for image-based language learning within mobile environment
  38. A Power-Line Communication Modem Based on OFDM
  40. Bimodal Biometric System for Cryptographic Key Generation Using Wavelet Transforms
  41. Design and implementation of a security layer for RFID systems
  42. Advanced methods for algorithmic corrections of errors in immitance measurement
  43. Wavelet-Networks for Prediction of Ozone Levels in Puebla City Mexico
  44. Improving Wavelet-Networks Performance with a New Correlation-based Initialisation Method and Training Algorithm
  45. Instance Selection and Feature Weighting Using Evolutionary Algorithms
  46. Single-Step Prediction of Chaotic Time Series Using Wavelet-Networks
  47. Multiresolution FIR neural-network-based learning algorithm applied to network traffic prediction
  48. Preface
  49. Estimation of stable all-pass transfer functions for delay equalization based on least-squares minimization and wavelet transform
  50. Anomaly detection in communication networks using wavelets
  51. A Hierarchical Approach for Modelling an MPLS Network Using VHDL
  52. Satellite-Indoor Mobile Communications Path Propagation Losses
  53. A Comparative Simulation Study of Wavelet Based Denoising Algorithms
  54. Learning and Approximation of Chaotic Time Series Using Wavelet-Networks
  55. Simulator of WCDMA Procedures for Educational Purposes
  56. Chaotic Time Series Approximation Using Iterative Wavelet-Networks
  57. Multi-modal medical image registration based on non-rigid transformations and feature point extraction by using wavelets